Letter: Baseball captains offer heartfelt thanks

To the Editors:
Now that we have lost and been eliminated from states, it is time, in Coach Eagen’s words, to tie a ribbon on a great season. Awards have been given and many thank-yous have already been said, but as the captains we would like to say a final, huge thank-you to everyone in this town who came out and supported our team this year.
As players we worked hard to try to create a season that would make our program, our school, and our town proud. We promised each other that we would always play for the name on the front of our jerseys because long after individual players are forgotten, the success of this program and this team will be remembered.
Playing both at the varsity field at the high school, and in the FCIACs at Harbor Yard was such an unforgettable experience for us as players because of the people who came out and supported us. Having the opportunity to play in front of that many fans was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we hope many younger Wilton baseball players will also have in the very near future.
Coach Eagen said he and the staff saw and spoke with many ex-players and members of the program they had not been in touch with for decades, and they spoke about how many people congratulated them and our team immediately after the big game. This was incredibly cool for us.
One of our biggest goals this year was to give the sport of baseball more relevancy in this town, because we truly believe there are players and coaches from Little League all the way to the high school with the ability to win many more championships. This program will not wait another 20 years to bring home a banner.
As we leave for college next year, we leave the program in the hands of many young, talented, dedicated players who will have their opportunity to leave a legacy of their own. We both want to encourage every youth baseball player in this town to have fun, love the game, and never get outworked; future players ought to know that this championship was won in the off-season, with all of the work and preparation that went into this year, not just on the field. Thank you to everyone in this town for the support you have shown us and good luck to all the Wilton baseball teams of the future.
Jackson Ward
Alex Jacobson
Varsity Baseball Captains
2015 FCIAC Champions
Wilton, June 8