Letter: Aren't we lucky!

To the Editors:

As the circumstances in our life change, so do our needs. Such change is often connected with loss, be that of a relationship, of some aspect of health, or of financial circumstances. It is also often a loss of contact: we recognize that our family and friends have lives of their own. We don't want to impose. People move away but, happily, we find Stay at Home in Wilton.

Stay at Home in Wilton has filled a need of community for me. It has given me a feeling of belonging. We are a community within a community. We share a recipe in a market, recommend a book or DVD in our library, and recognize each other in the post office, as we wave and smile.

Besides the emotional comfort Stay at Home brings, this organization is extremely helpful in our daily lives: a sagging curtain rod? No need to find that ladder, to try to steady yourself by holding onto the lampshade, knowing now that you will also have to buy a new lamp and wondering where the cat went, traumatized, no doubt, by the crash. Now we know better, and we get recommendations from Janet [Johnson] that are far, far better than the Yellow Pages. We get rides by calling Joan [Starr]. Janet organizes many wonderful events. We go on excursions, be it to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, to the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden in West Hartford, a ferry crossing to Long Island and, always, lunch, lunch, lunch and so much more! Should we opt to stay home for Thanksgiving, Anne and Phil [Richards] extend a gracious invitation to join them at their home before the big event, so we don't have to sit home, alone, looking at a turkey leg.

We are not just takers, however. We bring our contributions, be they of ideas, or skills, and always, our goodwill and gratitude. Aren't we lucky?!

I was born into an artistic family in Kaunas, Lithuania. We emigrated to the U.S. in November of 1951 and settled in New York City. Education was a given, so a B.A., Fulbright, M.A., Ph.D., all in French literature, followed. After marrying, Samuel and I chose Fairfield County. We liked the proximity to New York, the greenery, the hills, my husband's family lived here, as did friends.

Wilton was the choice for retirement. I always liked a smaller town. The library, the Village Market, the feeling of community, the slower pace suited us at this time of our life. The founding of Stay at Home in Wilton was a godsend after my widowhood. I cherish it.

Stay at Home in Wilton is a nonprofit, volunteer-supported organization, dedicated to helping seniors stay active and connected in Wilton. For more information contact Janet Johnson, executive coordinator, at 203-762-2600 or visit StayatHomeinWilton.org   
Giedra Jonynas Troncone
Wilton, Oct 6