Letter: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader a huge success

To the Editors:

I want to thank all the hard-working volunteers that made the Wilton Education Foundation’s sixth annual presentation of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader a huge success once again this year. Co-Chairs Kimber Felton and Carolyn Lyon organized the performance beginning last fall and made sure the program went off without a hitch. They were admirably assisted by WEF volunteers Michelle Bennett, Renee Cahill, Kate Filaski, Heather Herve, Brian Kesselman, Jim Kineon, Brian Ladewig, Rebecca LePage, Pam Nobumoto, Deb Rowland and Scott Weber.

Thanks go to the administrators of Cider Mill School Dr. Jennifer Mitchell, Catherine O’Keefe and Lauren Catalano, as well as the entire fifth grade faculty who assisted in creating and administering the test that led to the selection of the 16 fifth graders who participated in the show. The four fifth grade teachers who were the contestants in the show — Tim Gallo, Mike Hossler, Jason Greasley and Kevin Meehan — all did a wonderful job as they proved they really were smarter than a fifth grader.

Thanks also go to Theater Manager Christian Planton, District Technology Coordinator Matt Hepfer, and visual arts teacher Greg Theriault and his students in his desktop publishing class. A special thank you goes to our advertisers, especially Orangetheory Fitness, Wilton Dance Studio, Ed’s Garage Doors and Blue Star Bazaar.

Finally, the evening would not have been complete without the talented emcees from Cider Mill School — Sal Giaimo and Brian Ennis — who performed, sang, danced, coached on difficult questions and expertly keep the program moving along in an entertaining and amusing manner.

All the money raised by this and other Wilton Education Foundation events will be donated to the Wilton Public Schools.
Kit Smith, Co-Chair,
Wilton Education Foundation
Wilton, March 7