Letter: Another successful book sale

To the Editors:
With much appreciation and gratitude to many, the Wilton Library’s Annual Book Sale was again a very successful community event, as well as an important fundraiser for the library. First, our sincere thanks go to the loyal book sorters and pricers, who meet every week throughout the year, under the leadership of Jan MacEwen, to sort and prepare the sale inventory for one of the most organized and well-regarded book sales anywhere.
We thank the Board of Trustees and the staff of the library, especially Susan Taylor, Janet Crystal, Suzanne Verrilli, Rich Hubli, and Juan Carlos Olivares, who helped in more ways than can be listed here. A special thank you to Suzanne Flaim, our cashier recruitment chairperson. To the many cashiers and volunteers, ABC Scholars, Boy Scout Troop 20, the Village Market, The Wilton Rotary, Taylor Rental, and A to Z Signs, we are most grateful.
Finally, our sincere thanks to the many Wilton residents, who allowed us to place lawn signs on their property and to the hundreds of Wilton residents and book sale friends from many nearby towns, cities, and states, who came to the sale over the weekend. On May 13, the bins on Godfrey Place reopen, ready to take your “gently” used books.
Look for “books on sale” on July 20 at Wilton’s Community Sidewalk Event and our fall book sale the weekend of Sept. 21.
Patty Connor, Susie Gross
Tosha Rawlins, and Pat Gould
Wilton, May 5