Letter: Another successful Fresh Air summer

To the Editors:

Ridgefield and Wilton have been hosting New York City children for over 100 summers and this summer was another terrific one for the Fresh Air Fund.

The Ridgefield/Wilton committee would like to thank the families who extended an invitation to a city child to share their summer, including: Babala/Money, Mahoney, Rector, Maerowitz/Saloom, Vilinskis, Killian/Ryan, Sanderson, Quinchia, Dobson, Mischenko, Clyne/Stokes, Ramamurthy/Sathyagal, O’Brien, Lehmann, Tully, Elias, Lilly, Luce, Byrne/Gold, Nichol, Hynes, McSpedon.

In addition, we would like to thank the Woodcock Nature Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield, and World Champion Taekwondo for offering camp scholarships. Other supporters include Dr. Britto, Jesse Lee Church, St. Andrew’s Church, Nick Jerome, Elissa Clancy, Dennis Dobronte, Allison Gable, Tara Strokes, Lori Bran, and Geraldine Matthews.

Thanks to all.
Laura Craighead, Peter Reich, Ann O’Brien, Deirdre Clyne and Lisa Harder
The Fresh Air Committee
Wilton, Aug. 22