Letter: An unwarranted attack

To the Editors:

In last week’s Bulletin I was appalled to read the attack on Marissa Lowthert by Stephen Hudspeth. Having been similarly disparaged in the past, I feel it necessary to respond. In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to state that I have no connection to the Lowtherts.

Mr. Hudspeth starts with a statement “It’s an intent to sue by Mr. and Mrs. Lowthert that names no fewer than 34 persons,” which he implies is something highly unusual. As a lawyer Mr. Hudspeth clearly knows this is common practice in tort cases. If he feels this is improper he should make his opinion known to the Connecticut Bar in Hartford. I am awaiting their raucous laughter.

Mr. Hudspeth also seems to imply that the Lowtherts were the only ones concerned with the air quality. As reported on the Web, “Last month, the Miller-Driscoll Parent-Teacher Association asked the town to retest the quality of the school’s air after a number of complaints from students and staff.” Another small omission in his article.

Mr. Hudspeth further implies that all testing was of the highest order in spite of previously rejected radon tests. “When it was revealed that testing done in November for radon levels at Wilton’s K-2 elementary school was not conducted according to accepted protocols, resulting in the CT Department of Public Health rejecting the reports from the Nov. tests, Dr. Gary Richards, superintendent of Wilton Schools, announced that testing would be redone of all Wilton schools in January.” Another small omission. The later tests did identify a problem in the high school athletic office.

On a personal experience with Mr. Hudspeth, when I presented some data at a Board of Education meeting, he questioned the veracity of my data. When I challenged him to meet at a Board of Finance meeting where we could compare data, I found he had no data. He never did publicly apologize for his original statement.

Though I may be biased by personal experience, I caution all Wilton citizens to take last week’s article and other pompous statements from Glen Hill with more than a grain of salt.

Alex Ruskewich

Calvin Road, June 9