Letter: An evening in the garden at Ambler Farm

To the Editors:

It is with sincere gratitude that we thank the Wilton community for its ongoing donor and volunteer support at our annual Ambler Farm’s Sunset Dinner. This year’s event included the launch of our Plant A Path brick by brick campaign to enhance the beauty and safety of the Carriage Barn walkways as well as an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to our community. Bricks are available to purchase through the Ambler Farm website.

We are grateful to Julie Hughes for leading the planning for this event and for committee members Ashley Kineon, Kelly Lash, Colleen Dodman, and Lelei Coyle for their time, creativity and organization. Thanks to the committee’s hard work, this event continues to be a farm favorite! Guests enjoyed delicious food and drinks from Barcelona, a selection of beer from Wilton Wine Shoppe, tasty desserts from Village Market, and delectable takeaways from Heavenly Bites. Thank you to Moments by Andrea and Wilton Newcomers Club for sponsoring the event.

We would like to say a special thanks to Program Manager Kevin Meehan. He spent countless hours preparing the gardens, setting up the tents and lighting, and taking care of parking with the help of many Ambler Farm apprentices. This event would not have been what it was without his assistance. Thanks also to farmer Jonathan Kirschner, Mary Kimberlin, and Marie Donahue for their help creating the beautiful garden transplant centerpieces.

Finally, thank you to all who attended for your support of Ambler Farm and for making this a fun and memorable evening!

Elizabeth Etzbach

Cathy Ratcliffe

Special Events

Wilton, June 17