Letter: Ambler is a great gardening resource

To the Editors:
Last Thursday, I attended Ambler Farm’s Home Garden Workshop, led by Jonathan Kirschner (Farmer Jon), Ambler Farm’s director of agriculture. The workshop, which covered comprehensive gardening topics from soil condition, to crop rotation, to watering guidance, was informative, useful and enabled all of us who attended to ask questions about our specific garden challenges.
For those who missed this workshop, Ambler Farm offers one-on-one gardening consultations with Farmer Jon by contacting him at jonathan@amblerfarm.org. Ambler Farm also sells a huge variety of seedlings — all incredibly reasonably priced — on its website, amblerfarm.org.
While Wilton doesn’t have a town beach, golf course or pool, we are so lucky to have Ambler Farm. It’s a treasure and a wonderful way to connect with Wilton’s agrarian history. A big thank-you to all the people in town who have worked hard over the years to preserve and support this amazing resource.
Carey Field
34 Topfield Road, March 20