Letter: Age-restricted community is needed in Wilton

To the Editors:

Having lived in Wilton for 32 years, I was delighted to read about the proposed 35-unit age-restricted housing development in your Feb. 23 edition. Wilton has been a wonderful town to raise our family in. However, as our children progressed through the Wilton school system and retirement approached, my wife and I questioned how we could stay in Wilton, in more manageable, smaller-scale housing, with little to no maintenance, in a community with other seniors of our own age. We do not want to leave Wilton but currently there are not many options. Many seniors I have spoken with feel the same way. Most don't want to leave the town where they raised their children, have developed great friendships, and lived an important part of their lives, only to go somewhere else to start over.

As with any new project, some residents may be concerned about the impact this project could have on our town. If so, please consider how you would feel if you were further along in years and were faced with having to leave Wilton. There are some issues regarding traffic flow, blending the development with the surrounding area, sewer needs, etc., but that's all they are, issues, not deal breakers. What we need to do is identify them as they arise and put smart people together to solve them rather than say on day one that the project can't go forward because we have some issues to work out.

In our view, this community reflects a solid step in the right direction by the leaders of our town, to allow our seniors to stay at home in Wilton.
William Hughes
Thunder Lake Road, March 7