Letter: Age has nothing to do with turf issue

To the Editors:
In his letter of Sept. 23 to the editors, Mr. Farrar describes opponents to the turfing and lighting of Middlebrook field derisively as “mostly elderly” and “over 65…” He even suggests a P&Z meeting at Middlebrook School “so all the kids can come … see how a small group of seniors is literally waging war on the town’s youth.”
Mr. Farrar, I am more than 82 years old with 10 sports-playing grandkids, and resent being labeled “elderly” or “senior.” At my age I have the right to be called “ancient” or “antiquated.” Please show respect for my longevity. I’ve earned it.
But I’m not too old to detect rampant flaws in your letter.
I would judge you to be biologically between 45 and 50 years old. The people you award the coveted “elderly” and “senior” moniker appear to be younger than you. The only purpose I see in your pushing them into an older age group is a misguided attempt to start a divisive and reprehensible class war.
The statement “It’s about a few elderly individuals who live next to the school who don’t want activities for kids to take place” isn’t true. I have heard complaints about the activities of Wilton Youth Football (WYF) adults who, because of disappointment or some other emotional trigger, turn on the lights knowing they shine right onto a neighbor’s home. WYF has control of the lights, so we know the most recent of these incidents, the one following the Sept. 28 P&Z meeting, wasn’t caused by AARP groupies. No, disgruntled supporters of illegal lights turned on the lights that spill onto the neighbors’ property and spitefully left them on all night with no consideration for the potential negative impact on the young children living there. How nice.
Mr. Farrar has an apparent fondness for the nonsequitur: “One commissioner is concerned about the lights interfering with night bird migrations. If you are concerned about this issue you should vote for the proposal as the new lighting system will reduce the lighting spillage by 90%.” What? Spillage and migrating birds have the same relationship as ham and electricity. Spillage means “to exclude light that falls outside the boundaries of the property on which the facility is sited” — as in the previous example.
The concern for migrating birds expressed by Vice Chairman Poundstone related to the violation of P&Z regulations by proposing up-lighting. Up-lighting is prohibited not only in Wilton but also in towns throughout the United States. Accuracy seems not to be important in the quest for illegal lighting.
“A fool is made more of a fool, when their mouth is more open than their mind.” — Anthony Liccione.
Mr. Farrar, bickering and spending money on lawyers does not advance the well-being of the kids. So I propose a debate between us, and perhaps charge a modest admission fee, to pay to remove rocks on the Middlebrook field. My challenge is serious.
I look forward to kicking your tuchis.
Anthony F. LoFrisco
Wilton, Oct. 6