Letter: ABC of Wilton thanks its volunteers

To the Editors:
At A Better Chance of Wilton, our mission is to teach the scholars to succeed in today’s complex world by acquiring a better education. To achieve our goal there are a myriad of volunteers in the Wilton community who guide and support the scholars through their high school years here.
ABC is indebted to the Wilton High School faculty, the guidance office team, and the Board of Education for their commitment to the program, and especially Assistant Principal Linda Lyall. In addition, nearly 150 volunteers serve the program as host families, college coaches, school mentors, tutors, counselors and drivers — all critical components that keep the program running smoothly and thriving. A huge thanks to the entire ABC volunteers team on another terrific year.
Last year, the program Life Skills launched to better prepare the scholars for the college experience and adult challenges. This program is based upon the need to teach the scholars the same common sense topics we teach our children. Each Life Skills topic is organized into an interactive workshop and delivered by volunteer experts.
Many of the topics may be considered “dry,” but thanks to the creative volunteer leaders they were delivered in an energetic and engaging manner. Ann Mitrione of Wilton’s Bankwell said, “We commend the leaders who developed this important curriculum to equip the scholars with tools that will serve them all their lives.”
The ABC program would like to recognize and thank each of the workshop leaders.

  • Leadership Development — Michael Gordon, Middlebrook School and ABC Resident Director

  • Nutrition and Culinary — Tim LeBant, The SchoolHouse Grill

  • Get Organized — Dawn Reshen Doty, Benay Enterprises

  • Myers Briggs Analysis and Impact — Ellen Byrne

  • Leadership and the Working World — Sue Johnson, Florene Kissy, GenRE

  • Resume Excellence — Susan Shaller

  • Banking 101 — Ann Mitrione, Wilton’s Bankwell

  • A Faith Journey — Rev. Shannon White, Presbyterian Church

  • Personal Safety and Self Defense — Robert Olmedo, Olmedo Self Defense and Staff

  • Swimming — Sarah Hagan, The Wilton Y

  • Healthcare Today — Dr. Peter Dodds, Norwalk Hospital, Dr. Robert Brady, Coastal Orthopedics, and Sam Hopkins, The Moore Center

  • College and Beyond — Conor Brown, UNH, Shelley Dempsey, Maddie Kirchof and Dylan Hines, Miami University, Christine Merolla, Dickinson

ABC of Wilton also wants to thank to food and program sponsors including the Village Market, Wilton Pizza, CT Coffee, Marley’s and the Wilton Sport Shop.
If you are interested in participating or you have any ideas regarding workshops please visit abcwilton.org. The ABC program is a Wilton program: staffed and supported as a nonprofit and funded 100% by you and your Wilton neighbors.
Over the years, 100% of ABC seniors have been accepted to college. The graduation class this year is: Rey Lebron, University of New Hampshire, Monei Walker, Dickinson; Barry Hunter, Miami University’s Farmer School of Business; and Zourry Jarvis, Vaughn University of Aeronautics.
ABC of Wilton Board
Wilton, June 19