Letter: A revote is not called for

To the Editors:

We have learned that the Board of Selectmen will be discussing the Miller-Driscoll development project and again entertaining arguments for a revote. Unfortunately, we cannot be in Wilton on Feb. 2, but we feel so strongly on this matter that we hasten to write this letter.

Firstly, we state our credentials to write as being 45-year residents of Wilton, parents of youngsters who went through K-12 Wilton schools, and attended fine universities. Further, we have been significantly active in participation and leadership in the town, in school organizations and scores of volunteer groups. This is our home and we speak with emotion. Top-quality education and facilities are still the major reason why so many young families move to this town. We want to leave the legacy we inherited.

We understand there are those who, because they disagreed with the audited and verified vote, would like to execute a revote. A revote? Because they disagree with the original citizen decision? We cannot fathom that logic and we fully support the town-approved democratic process that determined this vote outcome.

We attended that Town Meeting and we looked up at the stage filled with our best elected and selected representatives and highly respected professional construction people. It is those very people who have led this town to its current outstanding level; in finance, education, social services and charitable endeavors. We firmly believe they have developed the best plan for Miller-Driscoll for well into the future. We trust those people and their judgment, we respect them for their efforts and capabilities and we accept and endorse their positions and recommendations. The people of Wilton did as well, so let’s not allow a challenge of an established, legal protocol just because there are those who disagree with the outcome.

Gail and Ray Moskow

Carriage Road, Jan. 26