Letter: A more civil tone is called for

To the Editors:
With respect to the Miller-Driscoll contretemps, First Selectman Brennan in January 2015 called for greater collaboration in the future, citing Wilton’s “well-deserved reputation of working together and for “the project’s critics to be part of a productive process.” Therefore, one wonders why in his acerbic From Town Hall column (March, 26, 2015) he seemingly wishes to silence critics when he vilifies, nay insults, hundreds of his fellow citizens by calling their concerns about the Miller-Driscoll (MD) project “misguided … ill-conceived … [a] distraction … shameful … deceptive” and that those concerns “indicates a serious lack of construction knowledge and economics.” And, at last, that his fellow citizens’ concerns are but “simplistic appeals.” What a far cry from Mr. Brennan’s January call for greater collaboration and a productive process in the future.
Given those demeaning comments it’s no wonder that many consider our town leadership to be tone deaf. The issue is not a disagreement about the need to fix MD, but rather, as many townsfolk have expressed, it is about the flawed process leading up to its vote. Namely: minimal notifications in a rush to vote, an abysmal lack of adequate communication, and a clear failure to make the business case for the project.
As for Mr. Brennan’s January call for Wilton’s citizens to attend meetings where “questions will be answered,” one wonders which of the questions and concerns expressed by his fellow citizens since then have been answered directly? And if they have, where does one find those answers? Among many others, those questions are, What was the original budget? Was it $5 million? If not, what was it? A million dollars to replace paving and walkways? With what, gold? Also, if the town were to at least take the time to consider alternative solutions to the MD issues, what exactly would be the “significant contractual damage amounts” cited by Mr. Brennan?
To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, one can get more with an ounce of honey than with a pound of venom. Thus, I encourage all interested parties to opt for a more harmonious and collaborative discussion.
Thomas Curtin
Tamarack Place, April 20