Letter: A letter to Hillary and Donald

To the Editors:

OK, the conventions are over and the real stuff has started. My advice to both of you is as follows:

Hillary, I know Mr. Trump has no political experience, has not always been a gentleman in his business dealings and certainly speaks his mind without thinking, flip flops on his beliefs and has other faults that could keep us from voting for him.

Donald, we all know that Hillary (and Bill) are crooks, that she lies more than she tells the truth and also has changed her thoughts on issues from those she held in 2008 and 2012 and also has many other faults that could keep us voting for her.

So what I want to hear from here on out from both of you is not how bad the other candidate is, but what are you going to do for us, the American public that you are hoping to lead. I want to not only hear your plan to improve our lives, but how are you going to do it? I need the details of what ideas you have that will bring back jobs to this country, get people who have been out of work for years (and no longer counted on the roles of the unemployed) back into the workforce, and I am looking for the details you will use to do so.

How are you planning on making our lives safer, not only from our increasing local crime, but from the threat of ISIS, which seems to be getting closer to home with every passing day. I want details as to how you plan to rid the world of the thugs (I refuse to call them animals as animals do not commit these kinds of horrors) who behead or kill anyone whose beliefs are different than theirs.

In the last eight years we have seen a racial divide worse than any I have seen in my almost 85 years, and I want to know what plans you have to bring us together as Americans, not Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or whatever race it may be. We are really all the same and can and should be brought together as one.

So Hillary and Donald, get your people together and give us what we need and lay off the he did this and she did that, give us the answers so we can make an honest choice come November. I will take the time to investigate both of you and will draw my conclusions from what I see and read.
Bayden “Bud” Taylor
River Road, Aug. 2