Letter: A legal revote is important

To the Editors:

(This letter arrived too late to appear in the Feb. 12 edition of The Bulletin, and so is printed online only.)

The Sensible Wilton petition, signed by more than 1,100 Wilton citizens and taxpayers, calls for a legal vote of the $50-million Miller-Driscoll renovation in full compliance with state election laws.

Wilton’s Board of Selectmen will consider the petition for a legal vote at its meeting on Feb. 17. We encourage citizens to participate in the meeting or watch it on Channel 79.

Sensible Wilton firmly believes improvements are needed at Miller-Driscoll to protect student health/safety and that those improvements need to be implemented now, not in several years. We also believe the referendum determining those renovations must be legal.

Sensible Wilton has gathered evidence that September’s $50 Million referendum violated state election laws:

  • Wilton Public Schools conducted an extensive advocacy campaign which included sending emails to parents reminding them to vote, posting advocacy on the district website: “Vote for Miller-Driscoll Renovation,” and holding meetings during Open House sessions that parents described as a “sales pitch.”  Explicit targeting of a community sub-group such as school parents, and use of school facilities/emails is prohibited by state law.
  • Town officials produced brochures/materials that have no evidence of proper approval.

Either one of these actions by town and school officials could have altered the outcome of the vote.

These and other apparent violations are currently under consideration by the SEEC.

The largest capital project in town history shouldn’t be decided under a cloud of voting violations.  Wilton is a wonderful town with caring volunteers and talented students. We have much to be proud of, and we should set an example for our children and the state that our standards are above reproach.  Wilton has the opportunity to address voting violations proactively, before the SEEC declares our referendum did not meet state requirements.

A lawful revote without the documented referendum law violations is important no matter how you voted. Sensible Wilton has declared if the project passes in a lawful vote, we will support the will of the voters. But with so many irregularities in the September vote, as a matter of integrity, our politicians should be leading the effort for a lawful revote.

Alex Ruskewich

President, Sensible Wilton



Wilton, Feb. 10