Letter: A legacy of kindness lives on

To the Editors:

Recently an article written by Mr. Hudspeth was forwarded to me. He began his article noting that he had seen a bumper sticker while at the train station. The bumper sticker said, in all simplicity, “Be Kind.”

It warmed my heart to see that, as those bumper stickers were created in remembrance of my brother, who died one year ago this past week. Bill Mahoney was a larger-than-life figure whose message to the world was to be kind. He was a very successful businessman and devoted a great deal of his time and money to philanthropy. Perhaps the kindest tribute to him can be found in the New Canaan Advertiser, where he was remembered shortly after his death last year.

In Bill’s honor a “Be Kind” foundation is being created. I will be sure to inform you when it is up and running. I would like to see a sea of those bumper stickers in Fairfield County, and everywhere else. Please thank Mr. Hudspeth for me for mentioning the bumper sticker in his article. My brother’s legacy lives on.

David Mahoney

Washington, D.C., area, May 5