Letter: A great experience at a new restaurant

To the Editors:

I recently went to Ren Dumpling & Noodle House, a new restaurant in south Wilton in the Gateway Shopping Center. I had read an article about it in The Wilton Bulletin several weeks ago and decided to give it a try for my birthday. It’s very clean and natural and the menu is great but the food is even better, and believe me, it’s more than just noodles and dumplings.

We started with two complimentary glasses of wine. I had the steamed shrimp dumplings, which actually had whole shrimp in them, and the crispy scallops which had two kinds of scallops, both sea and bay, for you scallop lovers. My wife had Thai curry seafood soup, which warmed us up and a menu special, sauteed red snapper.

The co-owner, Mei, was on hand to greet us and our waitress, Annie, was great. They even brought us a little dessert with one candle on it for my birthday (I’m glad they couldn’t find 75 more!). It’s open pretty much all day, seven days a week and is definitely worth a try if you want really good food at reasonable prices.
J. Peter Hermance
Silver Spring Road, Jan. 15