Letter: A creative way to help in Wilton

To the Editors:
The food pantry at the Comstock Community Center in Wilton is an amazing place. Before I started volunteering there, I had no idea how many of our Wilton neighbors depend on this service to help make ends meet.
The pantry is run “supermarket style,” allowing our guests to choose whatever they need from what is available to fill their bags.
The pantry gets most of its food and supplies from the Kiwanis quarterly food drives and other collections from local groups. Many people add one of the prefilled bags of food at the Village Market to their items when they check out. These bags are delivered to the pantry and always have the supplies most needed at that time.
I wanted to share an experience I had one afternoon when I was at the pantry. A woman came in with carts loaded with bags of “goodies.” She told me that whenever she has a party, she asks her guests to bring donations for the food pantry instead of gifts. She said people always want to bring something to the host, and she really doesn’t need anything.
What a great idea! Recently I learned that a number of people do this. It is our hope this letter will encourage others to join in and contribute to our food pantry. Our neighbors are depending on us.
Kathy Engstrom
Wilton, May 9