Letter: A Dickensian disappointment

To the Editors:

Please do keep a close check on some of the notices you receive about Wilton’s upcoming events. I’m a subscriber, and was looking forward to the Dickens impersonator who was scheduled to perform this past weekend, especially after reading about it in one of your articles on p. 12A of the 26 November issue. It was also featured, with a color photograph of the actor, at the head of your Weekend section.

Both sources list performances for Sunday (30 Nov.) at 2 and 5 p.m. We drove over from Fairfield to the Clune Center in time for the 5 p.m. performance, and guess what? There wasn’t any! But there were a few individuals from the Wilton Historical Society still idling about, including one overstuffed person who claimed he ran the Christmas Barn — and the explanation given was that they had submitted to you the same advertising as used for last year’s event, which did have two performances.

I let the Santa figure know my opinion of this, and figured I ought to do the same with you. It really wasn’t your fault, I realize, but in future I’d keep an eye out for the historical society’s events to make sure they are accurate.

A. H. Saxon

Fairfield, Dec. 1