Letter: 167,000 meals headed to Haiti

To the Editors:

Wi-ACT is very happy to report that 167,000 meals were packaged in this sixth year of its annual Stop Hunger Now event this past Saturday, up from 165,000 last year and setting a production record for this all-day event! More than 650 volunteers from across our community worked to do this meal packaging. Food donations from these volunteers for local use were also once again very generous and went off in multiple directions, including two dozen boxes to Wilton’s food pantry.  

We want to express our appreciation to the Boy Scouts of Troop 125 who did such a great job with the critical set-up work from 7 to 9 a.m. (in the often heavy rain) hauling 50-pound sacks of bulk ingredients and crates of packaging equipment off the three 28-foot trucks Stop Hunger Now, Inc. used to haul away the boxed and palletized meal packages at the end of the day. And we especially want to express our appreciation to all of you who gave of your time working in two-hour shifts to do this crucially important work in what is Stop Hunger Now, Inc.’s largest meal-packaging event in all of New England.  

Because of the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew, we are told it is very likely these meals will go straight to Haiti, as our meals packaged last year did also.  
Wi-ACT’s Steering Committee
36 members from 10 Wilton faith institutions, Christian, Jewish and Muslim
Wilton, Oct. 24