Land trust's mission is to protect open space

To the Editors:

The recent letter to the editor regarding the purchase of a conservation easement on the Keiser property on Seeley Road questions the involvement of the Wilton Land Conservation Trust.

The Land Trust would like to clarify that its sole mission is to increase and maintain Wilton open space, protecting it from development. It does so often in partnership with the town whereby the town is the lead at times and at other times, the Land Trust takes the lead.

On this property, the town has been the lead, negotiating with the family for more than 10 years. The Land Trust played an advisory role. When negotiations on purchase of the conservation easement reached a critical point early this year, the Land Trust trustees agreed to invest $300,000 of its funds in the cause. This helped to bring the transaction to a conclusion and also to save Wilton taxpayers $300,000.

We hope that our members and other Wiltonians will continue to support the Land Trust in its efforts and that they will walk the Keiser property and recognize that this protection was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Bruce Beebe, President

Bob Russell, Vice President

Wilton Land Conservation Trust

Wilton, Dec. 16