Endorsements: Vanderslice, Kaelin

Non-partisan citizen volunteer

I served with Lynne Vanderslice on the Wilton Library Board and the Board of Finance. Lynne was the quintessential non-partisan citizen volunteer.

The reason that the BOF worked as well as it did was members left politics behind and rolled up their sleeves. During the five years I served with Lynne, she was the driving force in our mill rate deliberations, our role in the teacher negotiations, and our citizen outreach.

Plain and simple, we got things done and Lynne was a big part of that. Please join me by voting for Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman.
Andy Pforzheimer
Former Democratic member
of the Board of Finance

Management skills

Lynne Vanderslice has the management skills, the ability to deal simultaneously with multiple issues, and the long-term vision that are essential for an effective first selectman. She has a detailed understanding of every town department and service, and has listened thoughtfully to every constituency. She values dialogue and always welcomes new ideas. She is committed to supporting our schools, to minimizing taxes, and to pursuing economic development while preserving Wilton’s character. Lynne loves to work hard, and she has the executive temperament, consensus-building style, and proven management experience Wilton needs in its first selectman. I am proud to endorse her.
Gail Lavielle

Vote for Vanderslice

I have served with Lynne Vanderslice on the Board of Finance for seven-plus years. While on the board her record of leadership and teamwork to constrain tax and expense growth and increase transparency stands for itself. As chairman, I came to rely not only on her financial expertise but also on her willingness to attack a problem to not only identify the issues but also to provide solutions. I believe Lynne is uniquely qualified to lead the effort to meet the challenges facing Wilton. I strongly support Lynne and ask you to vote for her leadership.
Warren Serenbetz

The right person

I'm a Democrat but I vote for the right person. I will be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. Her commitment to Wilton is remarkable and she has the leadership ability to do an incredible job.

I am struck by the number of people who have worked with Lynne and have stepped up to support her. Lynne will bring this same wonderful spirit and generosity of friendship to the office of first selectman.

My husband and I are excited to vote for Lynne for first selectman on Nov. 3. Please join us.
Patricia Brandt

A great leader

I am very pleased to endorse Mike Kaelin for Board of Selectmen. I served with Mike on the Library Board of Trustees during his years as president and saw his keen attention to maintaining the services the public wanted while controlling the budget. With logical argument and passion for the right outcome, Mike was a great leader. As I watched his transition to selectman, he demonstrated the same strong knowledge and commitment to our town.

Mike is focused on decreasing taxes and increasing economic development and we should be focused on voting for Mike Kaelin on Nov. 3!
Gary C. Battaglia

Stronger community

We’ve watched Wilton’s performance in the practice of management, principles of organization, and returns to planning. And seen its attempt to reach effective ends and solve problems.

Results have fallen below expectations. There were questions of leadership, inadequate communication, breaches of trust, and a style of “tell” versus “ask.”

Architects of New England town government had in mind when creating the first selectman position a leader with vision, experience, analytical skill, and an ear for the public. Then the intellect and energy to reach outcomes with widespread benefit.  

What they had in mind was someone like Lynne Vanderslice.
Joe Brenner

What Wilton needs

This election, I proudly join the countless others in support of Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. Now more than ever we need someone with the skills and experience to get our financial house in order.

Lynne’s professional career as a CPA, as a corporate controller and her experience on the Wilton Board of Finance make Lynne Vanderslice the ideal choice to get the job done.

Lynne Vanderslice is exactly what Wilton needs for our next first selectman and this is why she enjoys overwhelming support regardless of party including endorsements from Andy Pforzheimer, Jim Meinhold, Toni Boucher, and Gail Lavielle.
Eric Cameron

Vote for Kaelin

Mike Kaelin’s long residency in the town of Wilton, leadership roles at the library and other organizations, plus a deep personal concern for our community have made him a knowledgeable and very effective Board of Selectman member.

Mike’s years of legal experience and finance skills regarding property and land-use issues, various lawsuits and a range of other legal matters, plus his counsel and in-depth analysis of issues has been exceptionally helpful and of great benefit to the board.

In summary, Mike’s wisdom is critically needed on the Board of Selectmen during these challenging times. We respectfully urge you to vote for Mike Kaelin on November 3.
Kathleen and Bill Brennan

Fiscally responsible

It is my pleasure to endorse Michael Kaelin for the Wilton Board of Selectman.

Michael has been an upstanding Wilton citizen for 22 years. He’s an experienced attorney and a leader in our community, as evidenced by the numerous organizations for which he volunteers.

I had the privilege of working with Michael on the library board when he was president. I have seen first-hand how honest, respectful, objective, and fiscally responsible Michael is. These qualities, combined with his work and volunteer experience, will enable Michael to effectively work with Wilton town officials, business owners, and residents.

Vote for Kaelin Nov. 3!
Patty Connor

Vision for our future

I am pleased to write in support of Mike Kaelin's candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.  I have personally known Mike for years, and have been continually impressed by his  thorough command of the issues, his obvious devotion to Wilton, and perhaps most of all,  his genuine kindness and great sense of humor. He is the type of person who puts aside p olitics and focuses on what is best for the town. Mike has been a dedicated volunteer  in our town for many years, and few people have a greater understanding of the issues, or  vision for our future.
Libby Bufano