Endorsements: Lavielle and DePanfilis

DePanfilis court is caring, compassionate

I write to offer my unqualified and enthusiastic support for the re-election bid of Anthony J. DePanfilis for probate judge of Wilton and Norwalk. Unlike courts of general jurisdiction, which are trial courts overseeing disputes where strict procedures and formality are required, our probate courts are less formal, more personal. They operate to a significant degree as family service courts, assisting individuals and families in such matters as settlement of the estate when a loved one dies, and matters involving the best interests of children, including adoption and adjudication of parental rights where concern for a child’s well-being has been raised.

Having practiced in the Norwalk-Wilton Probate Court for decades, I have come to know and appreciate the sensitivity, caring and compassion extended to families and individuals by Judge DePanfilis and the fine staff he has assembled. Courtesy, helpfulness and professionalism are a constant.

I encourage you to re-elect Judge DePanfilis on Nov. 4 to another term as our probate judge. The community will be well served.

Roger Valkenburgh

Shagbark Place, Sept. 8

Lavielle gets results

I am writing to express my strong support for State Rep. Gail Lavielle’s re-election bid. I have been disheartened to watch the past few years as the Democrat-led state government has enacted one bad policy after another, and the predictable results — Connecticut sinking further and further as a preferred place to operate a business, raise a family, or plan to retire.

Rep. Lavielle has been an outstanding voice of reason amidst the chaos in Hartford. She has consistently used her business background to argue for tax reform, for spending reductions and for a comprehensive restructuring of the state’s spending priorities. And she’s had results.  Rep. Lavielle has established herself as a thoughtful legislator who does her homework and truly has the best interests of our state in mind.

We need Rep. Lavielle now more than ever, and I am pleased to give her my support.

Annalisa Stravato

Mayflower Drive, Sept. 8

Lavielle is responsive

Gail Lavielle has done an outstanding job as our state representative, and I am pleased to support her candidacy for re-election. I have been so impressed by Rep. Lavielle’s constituent outreach, and her responsiveness to the community. It’s clear she understands that her allegiance is to us, the voters.

A couple quick examples: When an out-of-town developer announced plans to place 20 apartment units on a one-acre parcel right on Westport Road, Gail was among the first to join neighbors and community members in leading the fight to oppose such an ill-conceived proposal. And when Metro-North canceled express service on the early morning Danbury-New York train, it was Gail Lavielle who stood out in the cold collecting signatures on a petition to have the express service restored — an effort that was ultimately successful.

Rep. Lavielle fights hard for Wilton and I am proud to stand with her.

Roseann De Simone

8 Tall Oaks Road, Sept. 4

Lavielle for fiscal sanity

If you need any proof of the need to keep State Rep. Gail Lavielle in office, please consider the following two facts: For every tax dollar Wilton sends to Hartford, we get back two cents in services; and a 2014 Patch survey found that Wilton residents pay the highest taxes of any town in the state.

Clearly, we are taxed enough. Yet the Democrat-led legislature in Hartford continues to call for higher and higher taxes to fund even more spending and to pay the bills for past spending.

Rep. Lavielle has established herself as a voice for fiscal sanity! She helped author a budget plan that included NO tax increases and forced fiscal accountability. When her Democratic colleagues wouldn’t listen, she was back the following year. She is a true voice for fiscal reform, and we desperately need her leadership.

Lori Bufano

47 Briardale Place, Sept. 4