Endorsements: Lavielle, Boucher, Rodgerson

Lavielle a problem solver

A major difference between state Rep. Gail Lavielle and other elected officials is that when Rep. Lavielle sees a problem, she’s willing to do something about it. This problem-solving attitude is an important reason why I support her re-election campaign.

For example, we frequently hear about “bureaucratic red tape” and “onerous regulations.” We see it here in Wilton, where our schools are forced to comply with “one-size-fits-all” mandates that require our teachers and administrators to spend hours filling out paperwork and complying with rigid, non-applicable state requirements. Rep. Lavielle helped create a “mandate relief task force” in Hartford, of which she now serves as chair. Through this important task force, we will finally see some changes.

I greatly respect Rep. Lavielle’s willingness to step up and address this problem, and will be pleased to support her this fall.

Don Drummond

Another term for Sen. Boucher 

I met Toni 25 years ago.

I was in awe at how this woman so competently balanced the passions in her life with boundless energy, her family, graduate school, volunteering, and never seemed to tire.

As our state senator, whatever issue Toni takes on is researched and discussed with intelligence. As a registered Democrat, I find we agree on many important issues and she is always open to listening to differing opinions with respect.

Toni fought to stop Super 7 from bisecting our community, supports commuters with her pursuit of a better Metro-North, our children through strong educational goals, and helps businesses stay in Connecticut through her advocacy.

We need Sen. Toni Boucher to continue as our advocate in the Connecticut State Senate.

Annette Kaye

Lavielle is committed

Congratulations to state Rep. Gail Lavielle for being named an “environmental champion” for the second time by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, and for receiving their endorsement.

I have long admired Gail Lavielle’s commitment to our environment and I’m grateful for all of Gail’s efforts to protect our open space — both at the local and state levels — from being reclaimed in the future for possible development.

Gail Lavielle is one of just a few legislators who truly seem to be doing something about Connecticut’s horrible infrastructure. Commuters have been plagued with delays and I appreciate Gail’s efforts to hold Metro-North officials accountable, and to find ways to enhance mass transit throughout our state.

We have a true environmental champion in Gail Lavielle, and I am delighted to support her re-election effort.

Carol Lenihan

Connected to town

I am pleased to give my strong support to Rep. Gail Lavielle’s campaign for re-election.

I have many reasons for supporting Rep. Lavielle, but I specifically want to mention her accessibility and constituent outreach. I have contacted Gail numerous times with concerns and she has always taken time to genuinely listen. Gail also makes time to attend nearly every event and meeting that takes place in Wilton. Residents know they have a representative in Hartford who is truly just a phone call away, and who can often be seen speaking with constituents in the aisles of the Village Market or the Stop & Shop.

To me this demonstrates her commitment to our town and to truly making a difference. Elected officials like Gail don’t come around every day, which is why I am pleased to give her my support this November.

Laurie Mortensen

Lavielle genuinely concerned

I urge all Wilton voters to join me in supporting the re-election of Rep. Gail Lavielle for another term in the state legislature. Rep. Lavielle has been a strong proponent of reason and responsibility in government at a time when Hartford seems to view new taxes as unavoidable, even desirable. An outspoken opponent of government bloat, she has worked hard to develop budgets that fund the state’s programs — without new taxes.

Rep. Lavielle’s tireless efforts to improve Metro-North and to hold its executives accountable for the railroad’s many failures are also commendable and well known to all. Her energy is phenomenal, her dedication complete, and her concern for all our citizens genuine and heartfelt. In a relatively short time, Rep. Lavielle has become one of the state’s most prominent legislators. She reflects great credit on our community, and she deserves our votes in the upcoming election.

James Seymore

Restore pride in our state

Unless Connecticut lawmakers are serious about addressing our crumbling state infrastructure, high business costs and unrestrained spending, we will never be able to reverse the current path that has us ranked near or at the

bottom of every state ranking for economic performance.

State Rep. Gail Lavielle is one legislator who has stepped up and fought against the trend in Hartford for increased spending with little accountability. Rep. Lavielle is firmly rooted in a business background which spanned more than 25 years. She has used this solid experience to hear the needs of our business community and to fight for pro-business initiatives and responsible spending.

I love Connecticut  and am determined to help return it to a viable, economically healthy state. I know that we can trust Gail help us achieve that goal.

Let’s restore pride in our state by voting for Rep. Lavielle in November.

Lianne Acosta-Rua

Open space proponent

Among Wilton’s most alluring features are our beautiful open spaces, which offer hundreds of acres of beautiful meadows, woodlands, and even a forest! But did you know that until recently, many towns were reluctant to allow public access to open spaces, because of the potential costs of frivolous lawsuits? Or that state-owned conservation lands could potentially be opened for development?

Fortunately, state Rep. Gail Lavielle is a leading proponent of open space, and has taken steps in Hartford to protect against these and other threats. In 2011 she was instrumental in passing legislation to grant immunity to towns that allow free recreation to take place on public lands. This year, she was an important sponsor of legislation to ensure that state-owned conservation spaces will permanently retain their status, thus protecting them from any future attempts at reclassification.

Many of us take our open spaces for granted.  I am grateful to Rep. Lavielle for her leadership on this critical issue.

Hella McSweeney

Education choice

This coming election, there is a clear choice on education policy. Keith Rodgerson supports increases to public school ECS funding, universal pre-K, and the expansion of the UConn system. Rep. Gail Lavielle did not support these in the 2014 cycle.

Keith believes in strengthening STEM in the high schools, trade programs and private partnerships. He also supports the elimination of all participation fees for students, saying, “Athletics and clubs are part of an education. All children should be given the opportunity to participate no matter what their financial circumstances.” Rep. Lavielle was unwilling to give waivers to families on athletic fees as a Board of Finance member. “Residents need legislators who unequivocally support a child’s right to learn, grow and be a part of the community.”

Keith voiced his full support for the Miller Driscoll renovation project. “All of Connecticut’s children deserve modern, functional and safe educational facilities. All parents deserve legislators who are committed to those goals.” Rodgerson also supports the need to modernize building regulations and to change funding ratios for school construction and rehabilitation so towns are not unnecessarily burdened.

Where does the Wilton GOP and Rep. Lavielle stand on these issues?

Jon Tan