Endorsements: Kaelin, Vanderslice, McFadden, Kalamarides, Bray

Fiscally responsible

It is my pleasure to endorse Michael Kaelin for the Wilton Board of Selectman.

Michael has been an upstanding Wilton citizen for 22 years. He’s an experienced attorney and a leader in our community, as evidenced by the numerous organizations for which he volunteers.
I had the privilege of working with Michael on the library board when he was president. I have seen firsthand how honest, respectful, objective, and fiscally responsible Michael is. These qualities, combined with his work and volunteer experience, will enable Michael to effectively work with Wilton town officials, business owners, and residents.
Vote for Kaelin Nov. 3!
Patty Connor

Vision for our future

I am pleased to write in support of Mike Kaelin's candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.
I have personally known Mike for years, and have been continually impressed by his thorough command of the issues, his obvious devotion to Wilton, and perhaps most of all, his genuine kindness and great sense of humor. He is the type of person who puts aside politics and focuses on what is best for the town. Mike has been a dedicated volunteer in our town for many years, and few people have a greater understanding of the issues, or vision for our future.
Libby Bufano

The right person

I'm a Democrat but I vote for the right person. I will be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman. Her commitment to Wilton is remarkable and she has the leadership ability to do an incredible job.
I am struck by the number of people who have worked with Lynne and have stepped up to support her. Lynne will bring this same wonderful spirit and generosity of friendship to the office of first selectman.
My husband and I are excited to vote for Lynne for first selectman on Nov. 3. Please join us.
Patricia Brandt

McFadden and Charter Authority

Deb McFadden will bring financial stability and common sense parental concern to our town government. The voting majority of Wilton rejected this year’s operating budgets, but they passed anyway. This happened because of the supermajority rule in our town’s charter needed to reject a budget. As written today, the town’s charter does not reflect the generally accepted government concept of majority rule.
To prevent this from ever happening again, Deb was the first candidate to acknowledge that we reconvene our town’s Charter Authority.
It’s good government and just common sense. I’ll vote for Deb.
Philip Sharlach

Effective leader

I am supporting Deb McFadden for first selectman. Deb both listens to and hears the concerns of diverse groups and uses their views to create successful solutions. At the same time, Deb is not afraid to stand up for her convictions regardless of their popularity. Her ability to enlist others, her passion and commitment to the town of Wilton, her political experience and knowledge of the workings of the town, and her ability to marshal forces among diverse groups within the community will make her exceptionally effective as first selectman.
Finally, Wilton has a choice; the choice should be Deb.
Valerie Rosenson

Clear vision

I am pleased to support Michael Kaelin’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. I have known Michael for several years, and have been impressed by his intelligence, dedication to our town, and especially by his engaging style and sense of humor. As a current member of the board, Michael has demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the issues, and his clear vision for bringing economic growth to Wilton. We have benefited greatly from Michael’s leadership, and I look forward to four more years of his service on the Board of Selectmen.
Christine Finkelstein


We are writing to encourage the people of Wilton to vote for Deborah McFadden in the coming election. We know she would make an excellent first selectman. We have known Deb and her family as neighbors for many years. I know she has Wilton and the people that live here close to her heart. She is very dedicated to any task in which she is involved and has the knowledge, intelligence, and qualifications to fill this position. I would urge you, whatever your political affiliation is, to vote for Deb. I know you will not regret it!
Mr. TM and Betty Jones

Vote for Mike Kaelin

I am happy to endorse Mike Kaelin for selectman. I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Mike at the Village Market. I came away believing that Mike was a clear, balanced thinker with an excellent grasp on the myriad of fiscal issues facing Wilton and that I could trust him to work towards a beneficial resolution of them. As we talked about the cost-driven flight of people out of our town, Mike impressed me that I could trust him to work in our best interest, containing costs yet maintaining quality of services, ensuring the reputation and desirability of Wilton in the marketplace.
Michelle Martens

Vote for Mike Kaelin
In the political realm, past performance is the best predictor of future performance, and that’s why I’ve chosen to wholeheartedly endorse Mike Kaelin for election to the Board of Selectmen.
Mike’s vast experience in every aspect of life in Wilton, and his tireless commitment to many important causes, makes him uniquely qualified to represent our citizenry.
His accomplishments and efforts to do the right things right for our town, combined with his knowledge of public policy and the law, substantiates my endorsement and belief he should be elected this November.
Michael Crystal

The right person

People wake up when there is a presidential election but often overlook our local races that affect our quality of life, schools and property taxes. Terrific Wilton Republican candidates have stepped up and put themselves on the line to run for us and our communities on Election Day. I support them wholeheartedly and thank them for coming forward. It is so easy to especially endorse Lynne Vanderslice for the position of first selectman. Lynne has worked hard and been a leader on the Board of Finance and is the right person at the right time to take on the formidable job of addressing Wilton‘s fiscal challenges. Her depth of experience and capabilities make her the best choice and will be getting my vote on Nov. 3.
State Senator Toni Boucher

Financial skills

Government is not easy! Each day brings a range of problems, legal issues, complaints and opportunities.
Due to Lynne Vanderslice’s demonstrated financial management skills and seven years of hands-on budget development and capital investment experience on the Board of Finance, I believe she is clearly the more qualified candidate to guide the town of Wilton through difficult economic time periods and to effectively cope with complex municipal government matters.
Lynne is full of energy and also has a good sense of humor — personal qualities that I can assure you will be needed to be a competent manager of our community.
Please join me and vote for Lynne Vanderslice on Nov. 3.
Bill Brennan

Consensus builder

Wilton is very fortunate to have a candidate with Michael Kaelin’s experience run for the Board of Selectmen. Michael is a strong leader and an effective consensus builder who can help unite our community around a common set of priorities to build a strong future for our town. His experience as a member of the Board of Selectmen, vice chairman of the Charter Commission and president of the Wilton Library Association provide a comprehensive background to help in controlling taxes, attracting new businesses and continuing to improve the quality of life in our community.
Michael Lindberg

Reasonable voice

I write in support of John Kalamarides for the Board of Finance. Serving since July 2014, John has distinguished himself as a calming and reasonable voice on a finance board which was showing signs of dysfunction.
John moved to Wilton in 1982. His three children all graduated from Wilton High. As the Board of Finance designee on the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee, John is on top of what is the largest building project in the town’s history. He knows that excellence in education is important, but that it does not have to be gold-plated.
I urge his election on Nov. 3.
Paul Hannah

Bray is a forceful champion

Gil Bray’s corporate experience and leadership in finance, sales, customer service and quality assurance, along with his current and previous community service — Board of Education, Energy Commission, Congregational Church and Family Y — make him the ideal candidate to serve on the Board of Selectmen. His understanding of local issues and how town government works will make him a forceful champion for economic development and a persuasive voice for maintaining the proper balance between cost containment and quality services. I urge all Wilton voters to go to the polls on Nov. 3 and elect Gil Bray to the Board of Selectman.
Richard J. Dubow