Endorsement letters: Kaelin, Vanderslice

Support for Kaelin

I would like to add my support, alone with that of hundreds of informed Wilton residents, for Mike Kaelin’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. Beyond his strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, he has a strong moral compass, is inclusive and personally responsive to his obligations. As a member of the board, Mike has total command of town issues and adds a thoughtful voice and point-on-view. Taxes are Wilton’s number one enemy. With Mike’s continued leadership, we can change the current trajectory, restore a focus on fiscal sanity and reduce both taxes and spending. Vote, and vote for Mike.
Don Sauvigne

Fiscal restraint

Lynne Vanderslice has the experience and financial background that will make her an outstanding first selectman. In her professional career, Lynne served as a financial controller, and was responsible for managing a team of more than 150 people. More recently, she has served as vice chairman of Wilton’s Board of Finance, where she has been outspoken in support of controlling spending. She has laid out a vision for Wilton that includes fiscal restraint and a commitment to economic growth as a way to grow our tax base. I will be proud to give Lynne my vote.
Don Drummond

Vanderslice has experience

I fully endorse Lynne Vanderslice as the most qualified and capable choice for first selectman. As a fellow Board of Finance member, I have seen firsthand her intellect, incisive mind and ability to fully understand an issue and formulate potential solutions, always with a keen eye on the financial implications for Wilton’s taxpayers.
Wilton needs a leader that has proven executive experience and deep financial understanding of the entire town budget and the record of taking action to get things done. Lynne will provide that leadership because she has demonstrated it many times before here in Wilton.
Jeffrey Rutishauser

Kaelin committed to Wilton

Mike Kaelin was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board of Selectmen in 2014, and now he is running for his own term. I am pleased to give him my enthusiastic support. Mike has a long record of commitment to Wilton, including years of service to the library and the Charter Commission. He is a respected leader, and has already established himself as a forward-looking, fiscally responsible selectman. I know he will continue to use his insight, intelligence and wonderful sense of humor to move us forward.
Lianne Acosta-Rua

Problem solver

I served as vice president during Lynne Vanderslice’s first year as ABC president. Lynne is a committed, hardworking, thoughtful leader and a creative problem solver.
Lynne is passionate about the power of education as evidenced in her mentoring of numerous high school students and through the academic support programs she provided to disadvantaged elementary students.
As a father of three, I appreciate Lynne’s passion for education, and as a taxpayer and financial professional, I also appreciate her proven focus on minimizing tax increases.
Please join me and vote for Lynne on Nov. 3.
Scott Gioffre

Proven leader

As an unaffiliated voter, I carefully consider each candidate, their experience within Wilton and their professional and personal qualifications. Lynne Vanderslice has it all.
We worked together when I was president of Wilton Newcomers and she was vice president and again when she involved a group of us then younger mothers with A Better Chance.
In the past seven years with Lynne, a financial professional and a proven leader, on the Board of Finance I have been confident our investment in Wilton was in good hands.
Vote for Lynne for first selectman on Nov. 3.
Linda Abou-Sabh

It is a pleasure to endorse Michael Kaelin as a candidate for selectman. I have known him for many years and know him to be a dedicated, thoughtful and tireless proponent of the community that is Wilton. We served on the library board together during which time I was able to witness his dedication and tireless advocacy.
I am pleased that a person of his intellect, analytic ability and common sense is willing to run for this position. He has told me he wants to contribute as much as he can to underscoring the value of civil discourse and thoughtful, educated participation.
Judy Higby