Endorsement letters: Haskell, O'Dea, Lavielle

Haskell has ideas for state’s future

I support Will Haskell for state senate in the 26th district because he supports the family issues that count: equal pay, paid family leave, livable minimum wage — policies his opponent does not. He also knows that we can go further with gun safety legislation. He recognizes that our infrastructure is overdue for improvement, and has the ideas to make that happen. Above all, he will bring back the honesty, integrity, open-mindedness and civility that should characterize American political discourse, but that has somehow been lost.

We need Will’s help to reinvigorate Connecticut and move it forward.
Alison Mark

Re-elect Tom O’Dea

Wilton continues to reap the harmful effects of egregious tax-and-spend and anti-business policies put forth by Democrats. I’m grateful for Republicans like Rep. Tom O’Dea who work tirelessly to counter the madness by voting for fiscally responsible policies. Among the states, Connecticut ranks 49 th in economic performance. Despite this dismal ranking, Democrats still can’t seem to quell their insatiable desire to tax. If it weren’t for legislators like Tom O’Dea voting “no” on toll bills and other senseless taxes proposed by Democrats, residents would be bearing yet another financial burden. Republicans must take control and turn this state around.
Brett Thornton
45 Deer Run Road

Lavielle looks out for Wilton

We are lucky to have the best representative looking out for Wilton in Hartford. That is Gail Lavielle. She has raised the bar when it comes to constituent outreach and communication, and I thank Gail for her tireless efforts on behalf Wilton!

Gail knows everything there is to know about education policy, state finances, and transportation:

  • Authored and spearheaded the first comprehensive mandate relief bill for local school districts in years.

  • Repealed the requirement for districts to stick to regional school calendars.

I am proud to be represented by Gail ask you to re-elect Gail in November!
Peter Wrampe