Endorsement letters

Bufano and Cole

I am wholeheartedly committed to the election of Lori Bufano and Josh Cole to the Wilton Board of Selectmen. Both are solid, experienced, elected officials in Wilton; Lori as a selectmen, and Josh as chair of Zoning Board of Appeals. Both are deeply experienced in their professional lives; Lori as a business executive in the healthcare industry, and Josh as a real estate and finance attorney. Strong credentials supporting their candidacy.

I encourage you to become vested in Wilton and in these candidates. Details of their experiences and ability to serve can be found at bufanocole2017.com.
Don Sauvigne

Democratic voices needed

Fellow citizens of Wilton, are you one of the 56% of Americans who believe Trump is unfit to serve as president? Are you deeply concerned about the direction of our country under this administration? It can be easy to become disillusioned and disengaged.   Instead, I invite you to mark your calendars for Nov. 7 and vote. It is critical we elect Democrats to Wilton town government to promote Democratic core values of inclusivity, excellent public education and protection of our environment. Let’s make our voices heard in our 2017 local election. Plan now to vote on Nov. 7.
Jackie Kremer

Pagliaro for P&Z

I have known Chris Pagliaro for many years and am proud to support his candidacy for the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chris is a respected architect and the managing partner in a South Norwalk-based firm. With his background and experience, Chris is an expert in land-use issues and well-versed on current “smart planning” trends. Chris has already served the town well through terms on the Building Inspector’s Board of Appeals and the Council on Public Facilities. Chris cares deeply about Wilton’s future and will be a strong and knowledgeable voice, ensuring P&Z makes sensible decisions about planning and development issues.
Scott Gioffre

Low for Board of Education

I’m writing to support Deborah Low for the Wilton Board of Education. No candidate in this race or any previous one, I believe, brings the experience and perspective that Deborah does, having served in Wilton schools as teacher and principal and in Ridgefield as superintendent. She has championed improved math and reading instruction as well as greater sensitivity to students’ emotional needs. In Ridgefield she also improved outreach to parents. Deborah Low understands what it will take to keep Wilton schools great.
Leslie Holmes

Preston, Hemmerle

I am writing in support of Andrea Preston and Glenn Hemmerle, who are  candidates for the Wilton Board of Education. Glenn has been a member of the board since 2013 and is running for another four-year term. He has also served on the Library Board and the Wilton Energy Commission.

Andrea Preston is on the Planning and Zoning Commission and previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals as an alternate and the Board of Pollution Control Authority. Both Andrea and Glenn have a demonstrated track record of service to the town and and have earned  your vote on Election Day.
Don Drummond

McFadden for selectman

The Board of Selectmen needs Deb McFadden. Her perspective, like that of recently retired Selectman Dick Dubow, is intelligent, fiscally responsible, and compassionate.  She is a problem solver. She believes in bipartisan cooperation. She loves Wilton and is dedicated to growing the grand list so others who love this town, young and old, can stay here. Return Deb to the Board of Selectmen.
Bob Carney

GOP for education

Wilton’s public schools are best-in-state, and they are among the town’s most valued assets, but they face growing challenges: tighter budgets and taxpayer fatigue, onerous and uncertain state mandates, sensitive program and curriculum changes and increased comparisons with, and competition from, peer and even non-peer school systems. Wilton needs to elect skilled, dedicated and experienced Board of Education members, like Glenn Hemmerle and Andrea Preston, who will work hard to address these challenges while still protecting the high-quality public education that the Wilton community has come to expect and celebrate. Please vote for Glenn and Andrea on Nov. 7.
Scott Lawrence

McFadden is a problem solver

I urge Wilton to vote for Deborah McFadden for selectman on Nov. 7.  My recommendation stems from personal experience. As a member of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC), I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah, who is the DTC chair. I am continually impressed with Deborah’s professionalism and management skills. Deborah is devoted to Wilton and is committed to bipartisanship in applying her substantial problem-solving ability on behalf of Wilton. Her particular local interest is growing the grand list, which of course benefits us all by lowering our taxes.   Deborah is what Wilton needs.
Diane Martucci

Low for Board of Ed

Wilton voters should elect Debbie Low to the Board of Education; someone bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to current educational discussions and decisions affecting the quality of education in Wilton. A long-time Wilton resident, Debbie has been an English teacher, assistant and principal of Wilton High School and assistant superintendent. I had the privilege of witnessing her leadership and knowledge of K-12 curriculum, her understanding of assessment data, and her ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and members of the Board of Education. How fortunate every Wilton child will be with Debbie Low on the Board of Education!
Pat Gould

McFadden represents us all

This November election in Wilton presents an opportunity to strengthen our town government and provide a strong voice to ensure all residents are represented. Deb McFadden has given countless hours to our town through many volunteer roles to make Wilton a better place. As a trouble-shooter in the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office, she took on and solved the toughest problems. Her passion and experience makes her the ideal candidate for the Board of Selectmen. She represents all of us. With a background  in business development, Deb will work with other selectmen to strengthen Wilton’s economic base. Wilton needs Deb!
Victoria Rossi

Low for schools

I’m proud to support the Democratic candidate for Board of Education nominee, Deb Low. Low has extensive experience in the both the Wilton and Ridgefield public schools, where she has served, over two decades, as teacher, principal, and superintendent, making important improvements wherever she went. The parent of two Wilton school graduates, she has thorough knowledge of the challenges — and potential — of a great school system. We are fortunate to have her as a candidate. Vote Deb Low.
Dan Troph

Low has the background

Deborah Low seeks election to the Board of Education. An English teacher, she joined the Wilton Public Schools administration in 1987, became the principal of Wilton High School in 1998, and later became Wilton’s assistant superintendent of schools. She served as superintendent of schools in Ridgefield from 2007 to 2105. Upon retirement in 2015, she chose to give back to her hometown by joining Wilton’s Social Services Commission. Personable and thoughtful, understanding of all points of view, Wilton would be extraordinarily fortunate to have Deb serving our town on the Board of Education. Please join me in making sure she’s elected!
Paul H. Burnham

McFadden is devoted to service

Deb McFadden is a special person. So what makes Deb suited to serve on the Wilton Board of Selectmen? Her life is devoted to public service. She combines that experience with a record of dedication serving our citizens. She has the drive and intelligence to get things done. If you have ever managed an organization made up of volunteers, you will appreciate the challenges it presents. Deb, through intelligence, competence and caring, knows how to get people motivated to do things. Her dedication and commitment is true and will drive her to serve all of Wilton's citizens, regardless of political affiliation.
Bob Sabo