Endorsement letters

Support Deb McFadden

I support Deb McFadden for Wilton Board of Selectmen. Deb is a problem solver who believes in bipartisan cooperation and solutions. She has served Wilton in many roles for years and is dedicated to creating an economic environment that will allow all Wiltonians, young and old, to remain here if they wish. Her perspective, like Democrat Dick Dubow's before her, is exactly what the BOS needs.
Leslie Holmes

McFadden is a problem solver

Anyone who has volunteered for our town knows there are key people who work tirelessly to get things done. People whose dedication to making Wilton a strong community never ceases. It is my privilege to know one of these people — Deb McFadden — and to ask for you to vote for her for Board of Selectmen. As a former selectman, she brings management expertise and experience. Professionally and politically, she is a problem solver, fiscally responsible and a champion of tolerance and civility. Wilton needs a diversity of perspectives on the board, which is another reason why I support Deb McFadden.
Jackie Kremer

Bufano and Cole for selectmen

I am honored to recommend both Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for election to the Board of Selectmen. Wilton is very fortunate to have two candidates who have consistently demonstrated honesty, integrity and a strong commitment to serving our community. Lori has distinguished herself as a knowledgeable and engaged member of the Board of Selectmen. Her business background and community service contributions have proven important to the board. Likewise, Josh’s strong legal background and impressive leadership skills will position him as a valuable asset to the Board of Selectmen and our community. Please visit buffanocole2017.com to learn more.
Michael Lindberg

Schools need Hemmerle, Preston

It’s no secret that the Wilton schools are headed for another tough budget next year, with Hartford threatening even more drastic cuts in education.  This year the Board of Education delivered a budget that included a zero percent increase in spending. Whether or not we can continue to provide quality education during this time of austerity will depend on the composition of the board. That is why I’m supporting Glenn Hemmerle and Andrea Preston, two proven leaders. Glenn deserves to be reelected, and Andrea, who has served the town well on Planning & Zoning, is well-qualified for a BOE seat.
Lianne Griswold Acosta-Rua

Bufano, Cole have experience

The Board of Selectmen faces a formidable challenge in finding ways to improve our commercial base and end the practice of raising taxes as a first resort, all while preserving Wilton’s natural charm and resources.  Which is why Lori Bufano and Josh Cole deserve election. Each has strong experience serving on Wilton’s land-use boards, including Josh’s current role as chair of Zoning Board of Appeals and Lori’s experience on the Planning & Zoning Commission and her current position on the BoS. In addition, each has relevant professional experience that will be essential to BoS discussions. Vote Bufano/Cole on Nov. 7!
Hella McSweeney

Preston has my vote

On Nov. 7, please vote for Andrea Preston for Board of Education. I’ve known Andrea since our children, both now sophomores at WHS, were in preschool together. Over the years, I’ve seen Andrea handle her professional and civic responsibilities with fierce passion and commitment. As a mother of children enrolled in this great school system, former private equity CFO and CPA, I have no doubt that Andrea will navigate the looming budget uncertainties with a fiscally responsible approach while ensuring that all children receive the best education possible.
Lillian Cooke

Bufano and Cole are needed

Hartford's insatiable tax-and-spending feast is moving into your kitchen. Liberal, progressive spenders have squandered historic tax increases and seek more by dumping their contract costs on our towns already burdened by some of the highest property taxes in the country. Property values continue to decline despite recent stock market gains. Now more than ever, Wilton needs fiscal conservatives in elected and appointed offices to adapt to Hartford's challenges. I believe Cole and Bufano can make a difference and urge Republicans, Democrats and Non-affiliated to unite behind them.
Ed Papp

Shiue has the experience

I am pleased to write in support of Peter Shiue’s campaign for reelection to the Planning & Zoning Commission. I have known Peter for many years and can speak firsthand about his passion both for protecting Wilton’s natural charm and resources, while promoting smart, responsible development opportunities. Peter is an accomplished commercial real estate professional, with decades of experience dealing with municipal land-use issues. This experience affords him the insight and judgment that are vital to discussions about growing Wilton’s commercial tax base. Peter has done a remarkable job on P&Z, and he deserves to be reelected.
Stephanie Lee

Bufano has integrity

I am fully supporting Lori Bufano for selectman. I personally know Lori and worked with her on ZBA for years. Personable, Lori moves with integrity, is faithful and loving to her family and friends.

In professional perspective, as former ZBA Chair, I’ve observed Lori’s performance as a ZBA member and as its secretary. Lori served with distinction; consistently prepared, knew the regulations, knew what questions to ask and always respected all parties involved.

When it was necessary to contribute her opinions on a matter, Lori used the best tool for persuasion, the ear first.
Miriam H. Sayegh Esq.

Hemmerle and Preston

Wilton Public Schools are undeniably our town’s greatest asset and a significant draw for new home buyers. It is how we care for these assets that is often debated. I believe Glenn Hemmerle and Andrea Preston, who are running for the Board of Education this fall, each understand the delicate balance involved in ensuring the investments we make in our schools and children are both high quality and fiscally responsible. I am pleased to endorse both of these quality candidates for the Board of Education.
Bruce Likly

Bufano and Cole

I am pleased to support Lori Bufano and Joshua Cole in their candidacies for the Board of Selectmen. At a time when Wilton faces difficult decisions about its future, Lori and Josh offer the strong business backgrounds vital to steering us in the right direction. Lori is a current member of the Board of Selectmen with decades of experience in supply chain management. Josh is a successful real estate lawyer who understands the intricacies of land use management and commercial development. Lori and Josh are committed to fiscal responsibility, and will use their professional experience to ensure positive growth.
Prasad Iyer

Low has the background

I am writing in support of Deborah Low for a position on the Board of Education. I have had the privilege of working with Deb since she came to Wilton in 1987. She knows education from all angles, as a parent of two sons who went through the Wilton schools, a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a district administrator, and finally superintendent in Ridgefield. Deb knows children, curriculum, budgets — all the aspects of developing and maintaining a quality school system. She has integrity and vision and I feel she is a perfect choice for the Board of Education.
Phyllis Boozer

Wilton needs Preston

I’m writing to express my enthusiastic support for Andrea Preston for Board of Education. Wilton is fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber and dedication. Andrea believes that important decision making must be done by people who are committed to excellent outcomes for all students, not just certain groups or individuals. Andrea is open, honest and direct and will carry those traits with her to the Board of Education. Those traits, coupled with her level-headed thinking and compassionate approach to sensitive issues, will serve as a great asset to the Board of Education.
Cindy Sinor

Low brings perspective

I enthusiastically support Deborah Low’s candidacy for Board of Education. Having worked with her for many years, I know of no one more qualified than she. Deborah began her 38-year career as a classroom teacher and ended it as superintendent. I witnessed Deborah’s commitment to the children in championing new initiatives such as improved early literacy and math instruction, reasonable class sizes, expanded support services, increased attention to their social and emotional needs and numerous high school courses. What a unique and valuable perspective Deb Low will bring to the Board of Education and to the children of Wilton.
Ann Scozzafava

Bufano, Cole bring skills

I am voting for Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for the Board of Selectmen because they have the best mix of private, public and land-use experience to advance an agenda of grand-list growth and fiscal conservatism. Lori has worked for Cardinal Health and Yale New Haven Health and has served as a selectman, P&Z commissioner and Zoning Board of Appeals member. Josh is the chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals and is an accomplished commercial real estate and finance attorney. They have the skills and judgment Wilton needs right now. Please vote for Lori and Josh on Nov. 7.
George Cross

Low is highly qualified

I urge support of Deborah Low, an exceptional, highly qualified candidate for the Board of Education.

Debbie will provide a wise, reasoned voice of experience as professional educator and 20-year Wilton resident/parent. After joining the Wilton public schools in 1987 as WHS dean of students, she served as WHS associate principal for 10 years, WHS principal for six years and assistant superintendent for three years. Debbie recently retired after eight years as Ridgefield’s superintendent of schools.

Serving currently on Wilton’s Social Services Commission, she demonstrates skill and sensitivity in evaluating issues plus the ability to work collaboratively toward critical problem-solving.
Judy Zucker

P&Z needs strong members

This year our town will revisit its Plan of Conservation and Development, which essentially sets the blueprint for growth and development for the next 10 years. It is vital that we have the most knowledgeable and experienced people possible  involved in this process, which is why I am supporting Peter Shiue, Chris Pagliaro, and Sally Poundstone for Planning and Zoning Commission. Peter and Sally are current commission members, who deserve re-election because of their strong support for sensible development. Chris Pagliaro, an accomplished architect with a deep background in land-use issues, will be a welcome addition.
Tracy Serpa

Bufano is a leader

Our family has always been engaged in the political process, local or otherwise. We are keenly aware that all of us in Wilton have a stake in the success of our town representatives; that is the reason that I support Lori Bufano. Lori has already demonstrated successful leadership on more than one board; three descriptive words come to mind when considering Lori, deliberative, well-prepared and respectful.
Carmella S. Sayegh

Low and Jeanes committed

Please vote for Deborah Low and Gretchen Jeanes for Board of Education. Debbie, as a retired school superintendent, and Gretchen, as a parent of school-age children and an involved parent on the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee, have the experience and the commitment to continue to keep our Wilton schools outstanding.
John Kalamarides

Low has skill and talent

Rarely are we given the opportunity to elect someone of Debbie Low’s extraordinary skill, talent, knowledge, experience and character to public office. Having worked with Debbie over my many years on the BOE, BOF and BOS, I know she is prepared and eager to hit the ground running; to listen carefully to the concerns of others; to ask tough questions; to offer innovative and fiscally responsible solutions; and to promote best practices that will benefit each and every student in our schools. Debbie Low is my choice for Board of Education. Please make her your choice.
Dick Dubow