Endorsement Letters: Shaban, Clinton, Blumenthal, Himes

Shaban is a fine choice

I have served with Rep. John Shaban in the state House of Representatives for six years. I know him to be honest, intelligent, and thoughtful in his approach to lawmaking, and I have seen him work effectively and collaboratively with legislators on both sides of the aisle. He is motivated not by ideology, but rather by detailed consideration of issues and individual pieces of legislation and by faithful representation of his constituents. He would serve Connecticut's fourth district well and with integrity in Congress, and would make a fine contribution to creating a collegial and productive environment in Washington.

Gail Lavielle

Clinton is more responsible

My immune system was damaged by exposure to toxic chemicals after a careless accident by a chemical company in the 1970s. My health was severely affected to this day.

So the issue of government environmental regulation is important to me. In the presidential election, Mr. Trump stresses he would relax current controls. Mrs. Clinton has a record of balancing industry costs against the often hidden costs of lax regulations to humans and the environment. She also seems the more responsible voice on issues as diverse as climate change, nuclear weapons, and gun control.

I will be voting for her on election day.
Dan Troph

Blumenthal, Himes

Gun safety is the paramount issue for me. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Rep. Jim Himes have have stood up to the gun lobby that falsely claims the Second Amendment is under attack.

We in Connecticut are acutely sensitive to this issue. I remember a Newtown teacher telling me that “when you have to organize your attendance at funerals with an Excel spreadsheet, you know you’re in hell.”

Hunting was part of the Michigan world I grew up in, but arguing that measures like universal background checks undermine the constitution is foolish. Send Blumenthal and Himes back to Washington.
Bob Carney

Consider Clinton’s experience

Everyone should consider the life experience of Hillary Clinton:

1973 — At Yale Law School, took on cases of child abuse. Volunteered at New Haven Legal Services.

1977  — Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children.

1978 — Chairperson of the Legal Services Corporation.

1995  — As first lady, helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

1996 — Wrote the bestselling book, It Takes a Village.

2000 — Elected twice as U.S. Senator from New York.

2009 — U.S. Secretary of State where she dealt with the most challenging foreign policy issues facing the world.

This is only a summary but it clearly illustrates her character and dedication.
Bob Sabo