Endorsement Letters: Boucher, O'Dea, Clinton

Wilton needs Boucher in Hartford

I write to encourage everyone to vote for Toni Boucher on Nov. 8   for state senator. We need to return Toni to Hartford to continue her tireless advocacy for the residents of our town and state. Toni has been an effective and vocal advocate for us in Hartford and knows that the solution to our state’s dire fiscal problems are not more taxes and government regulation. Toni has fought against new tolls on our highways and the proposed mileage tax and understands our state cannot tax itself back to prosperity.  Please join me in voting for Toni Boucher on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
Joshua S. Cole

O’Dea’s record is impressive

I’m continuously impressed by Rep. Tom O’Dea’s dedication and persistence to get things done in Hartford — his record of accomplishments is something to be quite proud of.

I’m most impressed by Tom’s determination to protect our vulnerable seniors. For example, Tom co-sponsored a bill (which was signed into law) requiring the Department of Social Services to disclose results of investigations into elder abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment. As I’ve witnessed first-hand, our seniors can be very susceptible to scam artists and predatory caregivers.

Tom O’Dea is the representative we want in Hartford and deserves to be re-elected.
Andrea Preston

Hillary Clinton for Wilton

Of all the issues in this campaign, perhaps the least "sexy" is climate change. Given the work that our town and groups like Wilton Go Green have done to help us learn to conserve resources and to protect our planet, how can we elect a man who denies the very problem and opposes the landmark Paris Agreement signed recently by President Barack Obama? For this reason and many others I support Hillary Clinton.
Bob Carney