Endorsement Letters: Boucher, Curry, Carter, Shaban

Boucher’s leadership needed

Please vote to re-elect Toni Boucher to the state senate this Nov. 8. Connecticut faces critical fiscal and economic issues that require Toni’s thoughtful and prudent leadership in Hartford. Whether advocating for fixing a broken state budgeting process, cutting excessive spending, taxes and fees, improving transportation infrastructure and services, or eliminating unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations, Toni will continue to work hard to improve the business climate and job growth prospects for our state. Connecticut can and will do better with representatives like Toni Boucher in Hartford.

Scott Lawrence

Boucher will work for us

We need to re-elect Toni Boucher to the state senate. Toni will continue to work for policies that revitalize our state so we can grow jobs, reduce the tax burden and stop business exiting from Connecticut. She will help lead the fight to restore confidence in our state by building financial stability and growth, while supporting our families with opportunities to succeed and thrive. This is a pivotal election for our state and we need Toni Boucher in Hartford in order to help restore peoples’ trust in our government. Toni represents the bold leadership that can produce the real results we need in Connecticut.
Gary Battaglia

Curry understands our values

She has a well-known track record of supporting women’s rights and their reproductive rights. She has a long history of developing processes and procedures that make the delivery of government services much more efficient.

Her current goals  in running for state senate:

  • Establish a cap on property tax;

  • Protect our schools from corporate profiteers;

  • Streamline Medicaid application processes for seniors.

I urge my Wilton neighbors to take a look at Carolanne Curry’s extensive record helping the people of Connecticut and her platform. I believe you will find that compared to the alternative she is vastly more in line with what will benefit Wilton.
Steve Wall

Carter is a true leader

It’s time to give Richard Blumenthal the ol’ heave-ho and replace him with Dan Carter for U.S. Senate. Dan knows what it takes to be a true leader as he proudly and honorably served our country as a pilot in the Air Force and is serving his third term as state representative for the Second General Assembly District.

Unlike Blumenthal, Dan will fight for us in Washington and help undo the abysmal economic policies that have been so stifling for many Connecticut residents. Dan will be a champion for our veterans and support and enforce laws aimed at keeping us safe from vulnerabilities in our immigration and national security.
Andrea Preston

Time for a change in Washington

We will have a chance to elect a new congressional representative on Nov. 8. He is John Shaban, the thrice-elected state representative from our neighboring towns of Easton, Redding and Weston. He has compiled an impressive record of accomplishments. Recently he was honored as the Legislator of the Year by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association.

We will really miss him in Connecticut, but we need to retire Jim Himes. Dynamic leadership is sorely needed in D.C. The single-digit approval rating in congress is a disgrace. Let’s help drain the swamp. Send new blood to Washington. Vote for John Shaban.
Jim and Hella McSweeney