Election Letters: Tartell, Haskell, Lavielle, Thomas, Stern, O'Dea, Boucher, Himes, Lamont, Murphy

Tartell is a problem solver

Voters soon will be given the opportunity to send Ross Tartell, an energetic and forceful new voice, to the Connecticut House of Representatives. Having worked closely with Ross over many years, I am confident he will be a distinguished leader whom we can all expect to propose and support bipartisan solutions to Connecticut’s critical economic, educational and social challenges. A careful listener and thoughtful problem solver, he brings to the table all of the experience and personal qualities required to be a superior advocate for the interests of both New Canaan and Wilton residents. Elect Ross Tartell on Nov. 6.
Dick and Anna Jo Dubow

Haskell has vision

I hope every voter in our district will take the opportunity to attend one of the many debates scheduled for Wilton voters. If you do, you will understand how lucky we are to have a candidate like Will Haskell among the standard pols running. Will has an intellectual vision, a commitment to strategic goals and unwavering commitment to the issues that are the future of Connecticut. Trust me, we would be lucky have him serve in our district. Vote! It has never been so important.
Ann Miller

Haskell is the new generation

Once in a great while a true political talent arrives on the scene. This is the case this year with Will Haskell.

Will brings intelligence, optimism, a new generation of leadership and energy to counter the status quo, and a real commitment to serving every individual in the 26th Senatorial District.

He will fight for fiscal sustainability, a revitalized Connecticut economy, improved infrastructure, reduced gun violence, and quality education for all. He will break the log jam in Hartford.

I endorse Will Haskell for state senator.
John Kalamarides

Lavielle is a champion

Gail Lavielle has again earned my vote to represent me, Wilton and the 143 rd District in Hartford. Gail is the person best equipped to help Wilton/143 rd regain fiscal health and increased property values. Gail has deep experience, intelligence, drive and tenacity, transcending party politics to achieve critical constituent priorities. Gail pushed through transportation initiatives vastly improving the quality of life for myriad Wilton commuters. Gail doesn’t miss a vote in Hartford and is the last one to leave the floor. I am happy and proud to count Gail my champion, my representative and my dear friend. Please vote for Gail.
AP Duffy

Lavielle fights for disadvantaged

While I’m extremely concerned about women’s rights nationally, I’m equally concerned about the rights of seniors and people with disabilities here in Connecticut. What I hope for is a candidate who isn’t in lock-step with a political party’s agenda but truly listens to people and looks at the issues affecting her constituency. That’s why I’m voting for Gail Lavielle. I’ve known Gail for years and know her passion for the people she represents. She fights for seniors, and for people with disabilities who oftentimes are forgotten or dismissed. Am I Republican? No. But am I for Gail Lavielle — unequivocally yes.
Alison Jacobson

Thomas for fresh ideas

I will vote for Stephanie Thomas for representative in the 143rd District. I have listened to the incumbent for years and I am convinced we need fresh ideas to move our state forward. Let’s give a self-made businesswoman a chance to change the level of energy and cooperation in Hartford. Stephanie knows how to attract new business and young professionals to our state. She’ll stand up against the hateful rhetoric coming from Washington and tolerated by the Connecticut GOP. She’ll protect voting rights and the rights of hard-working middle-class people. It’s time for a change.
Leslie Holmes

Lavielle for gun safety

Forget alternative facts, let talk reality: Gail Lavielle is a woman of action for her constituents.

While others talk generically about “gun control,” Gail voted three times to regulate legal firearms ownership. SB 1160 expanded background checks and banned certain firearms; HB 5054 required firearms surrender within 24 hours of the issuance of a temporary restraining order; and HB 5542 limited bump stocks.

Gail also voted against Malloy’s budget cuts to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. When our community is finally ready to support our neighbors and address the connection between mass shootings and mental health, Gail will be there, too.
Melissa-Jean Rotini, Esq.

Time for new blood

Please, no more negativity and Connecticut bashing from our own representatives! It’s exhausting and useless. It was apparent at the League of Women Voters Forum that we need new ideas, not the same old “it’s their fault” speeches in Hartford. I’m supporting Stephanie Thomas, a businesswoman who knows that it takes collaboration to get things done and to attract business to this state. She also understands that, without a good transportation system, that’s not going to happen. Incumbents have had decades to fix things. Stephanie is willing to try new approaches. It’s time for new blood to represent Wilton.
Linda Arden

Lavielle a tireless advocate

Gail Lavielle is a tireless advocate for Wilton’s interests and deserves re-election. As a former Board of Finance member, she has tremendous insight into our town’s finances and economy. She understands Wilton’s future depends on a strong state economy, which will drive growth by incentivizing new business and strengthening our housing market. Gail has helped defeat unfair attempts to reduce our education cost sharing allocation. She has been a proponent of Metro-North, including her successful efforts to restore early morning service on the Danbury Branch. Gail is a true partner in ensuring a vibrant future for Wilton, and will have my vote.
Lori Bufano

We need Haskell

I’m convinced that Will Haskell is the new senator we need to represent the 26th District in Hartford. Will’s work to increase opportunities for businesses and individuals and open-minded analysis of revenue and spending, including tax reform, is vital. Will’s creative ideas about transportation funding, including giving heavy users a stake in highway maintenance, and commitment to infrastructure improvement, will further economic development. Will’s advancement of common-sense gun regulation will protect our families.

“All politics is local.” Elevating the public discourse and standing up for our values begins here. It begins with electing Will Haskell as our state senator.
Jill Koleszar

Think before you vote

On the eve of our elections, a thought. The usual suspects have rounded themselves up and are out in force, seeking, yet again, our collective approval at the ballot box. Read their mailings, listen to their chatter and watch their television ads. They bemoan the status quo. Notwithstanding the issue, its cause or the political perpetrators, they will surely make it better and put it all right if we re-elect them just one more time.

But remember this: all of the deterioration and ills they will remedy happened on their long watch. It will be my first thought on Nov. 6 as I ponder which circles to fill in on the ballot — or whom I write in.
Nicholas Battista

Stern for probate judge

Families coming before the probate court have just come through a stressful life event. The judge must take time to hear every family concern and, regardless of how the matter is resolved, the family must feel listened to and their feelings taken seriously. The judge must be available, accessible and render decisions in a timely manner. The judge should appreciate the family’s financial situation and be able to explain the law effectively.

Finally, an effective judge of probate should be kind, patient and a good listener. Doug Stern has all these traits and will have my support on Nov. 6.
Brad Williams

Stern is a great choice

Probate is not exactly an exciting topic nor do most people know a lot about it. But Doug Stern does. I had an opportunity to discuss his qualifications with him and feel he is a great choice for judge of probate. The position requires not only legal knowledge but a special sensitivity to families in time of stress. They need patience and empathy. He sees families at a time of great stress and must take the time to hear their concerns. The families deserve to feel that they are being listened to and understand the process. Doug Stern has all the necessary qualities.
Bob Sabo

Experience needed in Hartford

When I vote, I pick candidates I think are best qualified for the job regardless of party.

Toni Boucher has a demonstrated ability to get things done and a tenacious commitment to our district. I respect that she has received failing grades from the NRA because of her post-Newtown votes and that she called out the president on Putin and offensive comments.

Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea have put forth real non-partisan solutions to deal with our fiscal mess.

We are best served by candidates with knowledge and experience. Please vote for Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, and Tom O’Dea.
Lynne Vanderslice

We need Himes

Throughout centuries, women have continued advocacy for rights they deserve. We overcame covertures; we own the right to vote, the battle for healthy birth control, having credit cards without our husband’s permission, maternity leave, equal pay, and much more. Now, with the #MeToo movement, we are fighting the scourge of sexual assault and violence.

We need a leader who understands women’s issues and our different health care needs, society security, and jobs. Jim Himes has been and continues to be a candidate who has intelligent solutions for these issues and will fight for women’s rights. If you stand for women, make your vote your voice.
Victoria Rossi Sudano

Elect Democrats

If Democrats win in the midterm election, the party could stop the Republican legislative agenda in Congress, win the ability to block Trump’s nominees from being confirmed, pass new liberal state laws in many parts of the country, and win many offices with power over the critically important 2021 redistricting process.

With that in mind, I urge you to vote for energetic new leadership in Hartford with Haskell, Thomas, Tartell and Lamont, and continue to support Democrats Himes and Murphy in Washington.
Paula Casiraghi