Election Letters: Lavielle, Himes, Boucher

Lavielle is ready to lead us

Something that has impressed me about state Rep. Gail Lavielle is her commitment to fiscal responsibility, and her understanding of the consequences of unchecked spending. This past year, she put those qualities to work when she helped deliver a budget that included no new taxes.

That budget was ultimately rejected by Gov. Malloy, but Rep. Lavielle offered hope that fiscal responsibility in Hartford is possible. With her strong background, which includes corporate and financial experience, and her years of service in the state legislature, Gail stands ready to lead us forward.

For the health of Connecticut, I’ll be voting for Gail Lavielle.
Lianne Griswold Acosta-Rua

Lavielle is deeply committed

Gail Lavielle has done a commendable job representing our community in the state legislature, and deserves to be re-elected. I attend many public events, and more times than not, Gail is also in attendance, chatting with residents and sharing her thoughts and insights.

This high level of accessibility is unusual. I’ve lived in other communities where elected representatives essentially ignore the community — until election time of course!  

Gail is a rare breed, and we shouldn’t take for granted her deep commitment to our town, and to providing the highest levels of constituent services. She deserves another term in office.  
Lisa Chubinsky

Why is Himes dodging debates?

Most know that a democracy only works if it’s transparent, but Congressman Jim Himes seems to have skipped Civics 101. He famously requested 10 debates from Chris Shays in 2008 and was graciously given seven. Fast forward 10 years and now Himes’s opponent, Harry Arora, is asking for 10 debates, only to be met with arrogance and stall tactics. Granted, Himes’s camp has agreed to two measly debates, but does two weeks before the election really count?  Himes needs to stop running from his record of failure. Voters in the 4 th Congressional District deserve to hear from their candidates now, not two weeks before they cast their vote.
Andrea Preston

Re-elect Toni Boucher

Important elections loom on the horizon. Our state is badly in need of a new direction and leadership prepared to deal with the harsh realities of the state of this state. The dysfunction in Hartford has persisted far too long. We need experienced, responsible  elected officials who have demonstrated trustworthiness, commitment to public service and able to get things done! As a lifelong Connecticut resident, I urge support for Sen. Boucher, who I know to have these essential qualities, to serve another term of office in our state senate. Her years of devotion to community service speaks for itself.
Andrew Schopick

Lavielle’s reasoned voice needed

It’s no secret that until Hartford stops punishing businesses with harsh taxes and regulations, jobs will continue to go elsewhere. This fact was documented by a 2018 Business Insider poll, which found Connecticut ranked 42nd in job creation. The situation is dire, which is why we need Gail Lavielle’s reasoned voice now more than ever.

Because of her business background and financial experience, Gail has a deep understanding of the needs of the business community, and has consistently led the fight against initiatives that seem to want to drive businesses away.

I will proudly vote for Gail in November.
Tracy Serpa

State needs Gail Lavielle

As Election Day approaches, I urge all Wiltonians to vote for state Rep. Gail Lavielle, who has worked tirelessly for us in Hartford. A steadfast opponent of higher taxes, Rep. Lavielle’s deep knowledge of fiscal policy informs her positions. Her solid business background drives her opposition to the Malloy Administration’s profligate spending. She consistently proposes sensible ways to spur growth, encourage business, and balance Connecticut’s budget. Her voice resonates in the Capitol because she knows what she’s talking about. We must return fiscal conservatives like Rep. Lavielle to state government. She has my vote; she should have yours too.
James W. Seymore

Our state needs Boucher

The USS Connecticut is sailing headlong into a perfect storm! Would you want an inexperienced ensign at the helm? Or, would you want a highly experienced officer at the helm?

Well, our beautiful state is heading towards disaster. Our financial, employment, and overall perspectives are in peril.

This is not the time for an ensign to learn through trial and error! What we need is our highly experienced Toni Boucher to continue to be part of the team that is going to turn our ship around, to help correct our course and come out the mess better for it.
Peter Wrampe