Election Letters: Himes, Murphy, Haskell, Lavielle, Cafero, Tartell, Boucher, Thomas

Vote for common-sense guns laws

Our children deserve to feel safe in school. Jim Himes, Chris Murphy, and Will Haskell are strong advocates for sensible gun control. With every shooting Himes and Murphy have called out those in our government who are funded and controlled by the NRA, and Haskell has called out his opponent for saying Connecticut’s gun safety laws “went too far.” If you believe that strong and sensible gun controls and our children’s safety matter more than the ability to own an assault weapon, vote for Himes, Murphy and Haskell. They will fight for the future of our state’s and nation’s children.
Leslie Holmes

Lavielle for Wilton

I have been impressed by Gail Lavielle’s visible presence in our community, and by her tremendous efforts to keep Wilton residents informed about news out of Hartford. Gail can be found at virtually all public meetings and events, and is always willing to spend time chatting, or offering to help with any problems or concerns.

I hope Wilton voters realize how fortunate we are to have one of our community members representing us, and how much insight and access we would lose if a non-Wilton resident had the job. Gail is an outstanding legislator, and a great voice for Wilton.
Roger Van Brussel

Lavielle is a voice of reason

With all the challenges that Connecticut is facing, Wilton needs Gail Lavielle to continue to represent us in Hartford. Gail has been a strong voice in the legislature for fiscal discipline so that our tax dollars are being well spent and has focused on getting our state budgets back in balance. She has also championed education and worked hard to ensure that Wilton received its Educational Cost Sharing revenue promised but often cut back by the governor. With so much at stake, it is imperative that Wilton re-elect Gail, an experienced voice of reason in the State Assembly.
Jeffrey Rutishauser

Cafero for probate

In addition to all the state and federal offices we will be voting for on Election Day, we also must elect a new Judge of Probate. Larry Cafero is by far the best qualified candidate for probate judge. Larry’s 35-plus years of legal experience, in addition to his public service experience, together with his human qualities of fairness and compassion, make him the ideal person for the job. Please vote Larry Cafero for judge of Probate on Nov 6.
Carol Lenihan

Insanity is

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Hartford has been one-party Democratic rule since 2011, meanwhile, the trajectory has taken the deep southern direction; $8.8 billion loss of income over the last five years, 9.3% loss of GDP since 2007 and an eye-popping $4.5-billion-dollar biennial deficit for fiscal years 2020-2021.

As Democratic Gov. Malloy states, Connecticut is tackling the “Biggest challenges this State has ever seen.” Not surprisingly, he decided not to run again.

So, why would any voter —Independent, Democrat or Republican — vote for anyone who supports the same policies and follows the footsteps of the present ruling party?

That is insanity.
Miriam H. Sayegh, Esq.

Lavielle a true asset

Doesn’t it make sense to elect someone to represent us in Hartford who actually lives in our community, and understands the concerns facing Wilton? I don’t think we can overstate how fortunate Wilton is to have Gail Lavielle, a long-time resident standing up for us. Among other things, Gail helped restore early morning train service out of Wilton, and fought back efforts to eliminate Wilton’s share of the Education Cost Sharing grant.  Gail understands that Wiltonians are already over-taxed, and has consistently opposed all proposed tax increases. Gail Lavielle is Wilton’s true asset in Hartford, and must be re-elected!
Christine O’Day

Vote the Democratic ticket

I have attended the local debates and have studied the candidates’ position papers.  We must support the Democratic ticket. To deny the critical need to strengthen our gun laws is to bury our heads in the sand and just wait for another slaughter. Realistic economic policies, not drastic cuts in spending, are required to address our decaying infrastructure and poor education options for our young people in need of job skills. Not to mention concerns about the decay in moral leadership in Washington, environment, women’s rights, and health insurance. Every vote counts; please vote for this vibrant Democratic slate of candidates.
Jeff Miller

Boucher is the best choice

Wilton and surrounding towns in the 26 th Senate district have a choice. Clearly, Toni Boucher is the one to vote for. She has lived in the district many years and has served on dozens of town boards, commissions and worked for herself and large corporations.  In the state Senate, Toni is co-chair of the Education and Transportation committees and vice chair of Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees. As co-chair of the gun subcommittee, she helped write the strongest state gun control law in the country. Toni has been endorsed by several business associations and recently was honored by the Connecticut Education Association for her student, teacher and public education advocacy.
Gerald Holdridge

Wilton's Dynamic Duo: Gail & Toni

Wilton is very lucky to have the wise and tireless duo of Gail Lavielle and Toni Boucher representing our town. When a group of concerned residents opposed the AROD zoning measure on Ridgefield Road and reached out to Toni and Gail, both were extremely responsive. They supported petitioners, and attended meetings with residents and P&Z. Separately, they each made time to better inform residents about the state’s 830-g affordable housing mandate, and other state relevant facts. With such well-informed advocates, Wilton needs to send these proven leaders back to Hartford — they fight for us!
Vicki Mavis

Lavielle offers solutions

It shocks me to hear television ads with candidates advocating for more tax increases. “We all have to do more,” is one of my personal favorites. Really? How about our legislators show some courage and take steps to stop the spending, bring businesses back to Connecticut and get our fiscal house in order?

This is exactly the course Rep. Gail Lavielle has taken. Gail has consistently opposed all tax increases, and instead offered alternative solutions like sensible spending cuts. She is respected for her level-headed, smart analysis and has become an important voice among her colleagues. Let’s re-elect Gail Lavielle!
Fraser Wright

Tartell shows sensitivity

I am writing to support Ross Tartell for state rep. Many years ago my health was damaged by a major chemical disaster in Michigan.

Ross Tartell has shown a sensitivity and intelligence towards environmental issues that is rare. At a time when our health and environment are under constant attack from Washington, we need someone in Hartford who is as knowledgeable and extraordinarily effective as Ross Tartell.  
Dan Troph

Tartell and Haskell

It will be no surprise that I encourage you to vote for our Democratic ticket. This year we have a slate of outstanding candidates.   

Locally, there are two candidates that I strongly endorse.  

Ross Tartell would be a fabulous state representative for the 125th district. A long-time Wilton resident, he knows our issues. His professional skills are exactly what Hartford needs.  

Will Haskell, candidate for state Senate, is the hardest-campaigning candidate I have ever met. We need to see that energy directed toward Hartford.   

Most important is to vote. Make your voice heard — don’t skip this election!
Deborah McFadden

We need honesty in Hartford

We need honesty in Hartford. We need a senator who will protect our children, not just give us lip service and then say behind our backs, “Connecticut went too far in gun control.” We need to know that what our legislators are saying is the truth.  We need honesty in an approach to our economy, environment, infrastructure and education. The Republicans are proposing eliminating our state income tax, what will that do to our schools? Will Haskell is the right choice on Nov. 6 th to represent us in Hartford.

Please vote Will Haskell on Nov. 6th.
Victoria Rossi Sudano

Haskell has fresh ideas

We need a fresh face with new ideas. I am a registered Republican and have been impressed with Will Haskell’s ideas as a fiscally responsible Democrat. He believes in investment in infrastructure to encourage the return of business to Connecticut, the need to look at tax credits to keep students from leaving the state, paid family leave (funded by employed contributions) to encourage young people to stay or move here, and in encouraging municipal collaboration to share services, cutting costs and inefficiencies and therefore avoiding raising property taxes!
Margie Beebe

Lavielle understands our needs

Wilton has been well served by our senior state representative and long-time resident Gail Lavielle for eight years. She has provided unrivaled accessibility, leadership and is intensely focused on fiscal responsibility and accountability in creating a sustainable budget for our state.

She has a deep understanding of the needs of Wilton and the rest of the 143rd District and is committed to knowledge sharing both to and from her constituents. Her experience, seniority, and accessibility continue making a difference for our communities and our state. Regardless of your political party affiliation, I urge you to re-elect Gail Lavielle.
Walter Kress

We need Boucher’s experience

For 40 years, the labor union-controlled Democrats have had a stranglehold on the Connecticut State Legislature. Decades of union-backed rate and tax hikes have made the state unaffordable and unattractive to employers and our shrinking workforce and tax base.

Fortunately, with the current 18-18 tie in the Senate, Toni Boucher and the GOP have been able to stop tolls, enact a spending and bonding cap, and more.

We need Toni Boucher’s fiscal and legislative experience, respect for the law, as well as her deep caring for the environment and all people, now more than ever.
Lisa Pojano

Thomas for state representative

We keep saying we want to attract more business to Connecticut and retain the young professionals we train in our great schools. But we return the same people to Hartford. Stephanie Thomas knows Wilton well and understands more than most how important transportation and high-quality education is to achieving our goals. She will protect them above all. Anyone who suggests otherwise doesn’t know this woman as I do. She is conscientious, diligent and totally loyal and knows how to bring about the change we need. She has the energy we need in the state House. And she has our back.
Brad Williams