Election Letters: Haskell, Lavielle, Tartell, Lamont, Boucher, Thomas, Himes

Haskell is the right choice

It is time for a new voice with new ideas to represent Connecticut’s 26 th Senate District in Hartford. Will Haskell is that voice. His mature grasp of the economic and social challenges facing our state — along with his thoughtful bipartisan approach to problem solving — promises a brighter and more hopeful future for Connecticut. Committed to protecting our environment, promoting economic growth, supporting our public schools, revitalizing our infrastructure and enacting even stronger gun control laws, Will is the right state senator to represent our interests in Hartford. Elect Will Haskell on Nov. 6.
Dick and Anna Jo Dubow

Lavielle supports our needs

Wilton needs to re-elect Gail Lavielle to the CT House of Representatives. Gail has demonstrated that she hears us and works to support our needs. She has proven her effectiveness, intelligence, and work ethic. She has represented the 143th district in an excellent and professional manner. While understanding the dire state budget situation, she has provided concrete solutions instead of just complaining. Republicans are close to a majority in both the House and the Senate, so this is a pivotal election for us to help stop wasteful spending, control our taxes and encourage business to come to our state not leave it.
Gary Battaglia

Lamont for governor

Having hoped for real change in Hartford, it is down to two candidates who have had questionable business pasts. Mr. Lamont should be classified as a Jack Welch “Neutron Jack” type where he would scoop up businesses and lay off lots of employees for a profit. Mr. Stefanowski on the other hand ran a payday business whose company exacted usurious interest rates from the poor and military personnel. I would rather have a person more experienced in laying off people who can find other jobs rather than a person who ran a company that provided predatory loans to people that are trying to make ends meet. I am therefore voting for Lamont.
Kevin Hickey

Vote Republican

The upcoming election on Nov. 6 will provide Connecticut voters the opportunity to reverse the failed policies of the last eight years of the Malloy administration, or continue the same tax-and-spend policies that have shrunken the Connecticut economy and have driven 4.3% of the population to other states.

I urge you to vote for Bob Stefanowski for governor, who will lower taxes, reduce government spending and grow our economy. Furthermore, I urge you to vote for local Republican candidates: Toni Boucher for state Senate, and Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea for the state House.
Charles K. Wessendorf

Boucher for smart solutions

Sen. Toni Boucher is highly regarded as one of the legislature’s most effective members, with a proven track record on issues of importance to Wilton including education, the environment, transportation, tax reform and economic development.

Toni draws upon her deep experiences in business and education to advocate for smart, workable solutions. She has earned the respect of colleagues on either side of the aisle.

The November election offers a chance to finally put Connecticut back on a path to growth and stability. The state senate is no place for on-the-job training. Toni’s expertise and established leadership will be more important than ever.
Hella K. McSweeney

Return Himes to Congress

In Jim Himes, we have one of the premier congressmen in Washington. Jim has been a strong advocate in the healthcare arena, for common-sense gun safety, for environmental protection, for securing rights for women, for ensuring a quality education for children and young adults, and in many other areas. He has demonstrated an ability to work effectively across party lines.

Congressman Himes’ representation of this diverse district has been characterized by maturity, creativity, and eloquence. It is critical that we endorse his efforts and return him to the Congress. Please vote for Jim Himes on Nov. 6.
Jeff Miller

State needs Lavielle

Gail Lavielle is a smart legislator who understands the fundamental premise that when you tax something, like income, you get less of it. So it should come as no surprise that, as Connecticut has continued to raise taxes, the effect has been to drive businesses and taxpayers out of state.

Gail clearly understands that without fundamental changes to our state’s tax and regulatory climate, Connecticut will continue to decline. She has consistently opposed tax increases and instead, tried to prioritize spending. Imagine that!

Connecticut needs business-oriented leaders like Gail now more than ever. Please give her your vote next month.
Minter Brown

Tartell and Thomas for change

I would like to endorse Stephanie Thomas and Ross Tartell for Connecticut state representative.

Stephanie represents a new approach to solving the unresolved issues in Hartford while working to ensure secure and expanded voting rights, strong gun laws, opportunities for small business, and fair wages and pay equity.

Ross brings a work-across-party-lines to get things done attitude and skills that he has honed over time as an expert in human resources. He brings solid and respected experience on local boards and commissions.

They will bring fresh air to the stale state of affairs in Hartford.
John Kalamarides

Boucher, Lavielle for education

The Wilton community prioritizes education and takes pride in our high-performing school district, which is why we should be pleased that our legislators — Sen. Toni Boucher and Rep. Gail Lavielle — hold leadership positions on the legislature’s Education Committee.

Both were named to the Connecticut Education Association’s honor roll, and cited for their strong support for public education. In addition, Gail and Toni have used their positions to avert repeated attempts to eliminate Wilton’s share of the Education Cost Sharing program, and to shift teacher pension costs to Wilton taxpayers. Gail and Toni are true advocates for education, and deserve to be re-elected.
Glenn Hemmerle

Boucher brings leadership

Please join us in voting to re-elect Toni Boucher as our state senator on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Her 20-plus years of experience in the state house and senate have established her as a highly respected leader throughout the state. Most recently, she has fought tirelessly to establish a balanced state budget that restored education funding to our towns while enacting spending and bonding caps across state agencies. Toni has the energy and respect to help restore prosperity and affordable living to Connecticut.
Michael and Paula Lindberg

Tartell can achieve results

We need Ross Tartell in Hartford as our representative for the 125 th district. Ross is smart, well-educated and knows how to work with leaders to achieve positive results. His career as an executive coach has prepared him well to serve in Hartford. It is not a coincidence that his number one campaign promise is to improve leadership and reduce partisan infighting. Please join me in voting for Ross on Nov. 6.
Richard Creeth

Lavielle for economic turnaround

Next month’s election is our chance to end the failed leadership that has put Connecticut at the bottom of every key measurement, from business climate to tax burden to unfunded liabilities and job creation

One bright spot though has been Rep. Gail Lavielle, who has led the charge for an economic turnaround. Guided by her strong business background, Gail understands that a supportive business climate and reduced tax burden are critical to our future. We need to keep Gail in Hartford and vote for Bob Stefanowski, a political outsider and a turnaround expert, as our next governor to save Connecticut.
Jennie Wong

Lavielle is a true asset

Rep. Gail Lavielle serves as assistant minority leader in the state legislature, the ranking member on the education committee, and holds seats on the influential transportation and finance committees. Rep. Lavielle is very well-regarded by her colleagues — both Democrats and Republicans — and has earned these prestigious committee assignments and leadership positions. Having such a respected representative is a true asset to our community and ensures that our interests are properly being heard and actioned. Prudent residents will want to continue having such an accomplished, committed leader represent them, thus, I will be voting for Rep. Gail Lavielle.
Anna Marie Bilella

Thomas for equal representation

Through her work in the nonprofit world, Stephanie knows how to build consensus and achieve goals for the common good. As a woman, and a minority, Stephanie has keen insight into how to ensure that no voice is left behind — rich, poor; Democrat, Republican; millennial, boomer; woman or man. Stephanie supports policies that prevent gun violence, guarantee citizens a place in the education process, and policies that elevate women — from pay equity to preserving their right to control their own body.

We need Stephanie in Hartford to make sure that everyone’s best interests are served and protected.
Brian Sudano

Boucher protects us in Hartford

Toni Boucher lives in Wilton and she knows generations of Wilton neighbors by name. We are lucky to have a representative in Hartford who knows us so intimately and understands the long history of our contentious issues from Super 7 to school funding. We can call her with any concern and she already knows who in Hartford can fix it. Her opponent would leave our town defenseless against the political sharks in Hartford who see us as nothing more than a stuffed wallet waiting to be picked. Toni is our protection from Hartford. She represents her town. She represents us.
Philip Murphy