Election Letters: Haskell, Boucher, Lavielle, Stefanowski, Tartell,

Will Haskell for state Senate

Will Haskell will bring energy and necessary common sense to the state Senate. His gun-safety position includes banning “ghost guns,” or untraceable firearms without serial numbers, while his opponent believes Connecticut went “too far” in gun safety following Sandy Hook. Will supports a crackdown on distracted driving, which has cost so many teenager deaths. His opponent voted against it. Will believes in fiscal responsibility, not Trump-like policies of lower taxes for the rich favored by his opponent, nor the postponement of tough financial decisions practiced by her party. Will’s concern for the environment means supporting, not reducing environmental safeguards. I will vote for Will Haskell.
Brian Sudano

Important issues for Nov. 6

As parents we want to leave our children a better world than the one we inherited.

I’m dismayed that the governing party in Washington, echoed by their representatives in this state, seems to be saying to them: You deal with it. This is no more true than on environmental policy. The President withdrew U.S. support of the Paris Agreement, the most promising initiative on combating climate change ever. He’s reversed regulations safeguarding water and air. The EPA now proposes relaxation of methane gas monitoring. Our children aren’t fooled. Consider Nov. 6 a chance to “grow up” in their eyes.
Bob Carney

Republican leadership needed

Have you been happy with the last eight years of higher taxes, loss of  industry, loss of jobs, diminution of the reputation of our state, lower property values, reduction of state support of schools while imposing additional unfunded mandates?

If so a change of leadership in Hartford will be the answer. In the upcoming election vote for fiscally responsible Republicans: Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, Bob Stefanowski among others.

If not you will get a governor who promises more taxes, reinstating highway tolls and continuing more of the last eight years.

Connecticut needs to regain the reputation it once had. Connecticut needs to see growth again. Connecticut needs Republican leadership.
Sally Siebert

Tartell for these difficult times

We live in difficult times with a President whose policies are taking the country backward.  It is critical for state and local governments to tackle issues like transportation, education, gun control and securing fiscal security for all. These challenges call for a leader like Ross Tartell. His experience as a business manager demonstrates skills at meeting goals and motivating people. He has experience bringing people of different backgrounds and views together, as demonstrated by his work with a wide range of community groups.

Ross Tartell has the skills and experience to lead change and progress for us all.  
Jeff Miller

Lavielle will hold down spending

When Governor Malloy proposed last year to shift millions of dollars in teacher pension costs to the towns, Rep. Gail Lavielle was among the first — and the loudest — to punch back against this unfair, and ill-conceived plan. I cite this as an example of Rep. Lavielle’s strong leadership, which is so important as Connecticut continues to struggle to get back on track.

Rep. Lavielle has consistently supported efforts to rein in spending and stop the predictable reliance on tax increases. She is a respected member of the legislature, and an important voice in ensuring our state’s prosperous future.
Hella K. McSweeney

Lavielle has earned another term

Wilton voters set the bar high with expectations for our elected officials, and Gail Lavielle continually outperforms. From restoring early morning service on the Danbury branch, securing lighting for the Wilton train station, fighting mid-year education funding cuts, to leading the fight against tax increases, Gail has been our town’s tireless champion.

Rep. Lavielle is also approachable to all residents  You can usually find Gail in attendance at town events, and she always has time to stop and chat. Her door is always open, and communication runs both ways. Gail deserves another term, and I will be voting for her.
Lisa Pojano

All in for Haskell

Parked 22 years in our legislature, Toni Boucher is way too comfy. Her legislative motions are often recycled time-worn party-line fixations. Let's pass the torch to a new generation of Americans, remembering a leader who set big goals and achieved them. We'll send fresh talent, higher energy, smarter plans, wider perspectives to serve us in Hartford. Senator candidate Will Haskell has ruffled her feathers; she's scratching up bits of dirt. Will offers urgent ideas like replacing Republican environment-busting, gun-promoting, and making the poor poorer — with practical laws to ban ghost guns, pay family leave, and pick specific dying infrastructure sites for new life. Will will!

Gordon Nugent

Connecticut needs Will Haskell

It is wonderful to learn that Barack Obama has endorsed Will Haskell in his campaign against Toni Boucher in Connecticut’s 26th senate district. Will is among a handful of Connecticut candidates endorsed by President Obama, which reflects on the optimistic, forward-looking vision that Will brings to Wilton. Anyone who meets Will quickly learns how extraordinary a state senator he will be. He brings the intellect, knowledge, and energy that Wilton and the 26th need in Hartford. Please learn about Will’s principles and policies on his webpage. Better yet, meet him at any of the many events that he is attending.
Tom Dubin

Gun violence a major election issue

Despite Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and Parkland, it’s still easier in many states to buy a gun than get a driver’s license or register a car. While many groups have demanded common-sense gun regulations, including universal background checks and banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons, few states have taken enough action. While legislators have focused on heightening school security, what will prevent someone with a gun and high-capacity ammunition from shooting innocent people in other public spaces — libraries, soccer fields, community centers?

We need to elect legislators who will stand up to the NRA and enact the legislation necessary to help reduce gun violence. If we don’t, we’re as responsible for gun violence as those who pull the trigger.
Carey Field