Editorial: For Lavielle

The race for the 143rd state House District — between incumbent Republican Gail Lavielle and Democratic challenger Keith Rodgerson — has been a bonanza for the district’s constituents in that it offered many opportunities for an airing of issues affecting not only this community but the state as well.

It is always helpful to hear more than one view of an issue, for you may find truths or ideas that were not evident before. Thanks to several debates and spirited campaigns by both candidates, important subjects such as transportation, the economy, jobs, gun control, education financing, affordable housing, energy, taxes, and more were covered. Voters who chose to attend any of these events — one of which was right here in Wilton — were able to ask questions about matters important to them.

Coming from an economic development background, Mr. Rodgerson presented forward-thinking ideas about transit-oriented development and expanding rail service on the Danbury branch line. He was not afraid to advocate for maintaining certain taxes, explaining that needed — and wanted — services must be paid for.

Ms. Lavielle is fully immersed in the issues that affect not only this district but the state as well. She has been a champion of mass transit since her first days in office nearly four years ago.

She was among the legislators who succeeded in safeguarding transportation funds in a “lock box” so they are used only for that purpose, and not to help the general fund’s bottom line.

She consistently advocates for prudence in spending. She voted for the 2013 bill that tightened Connecticut’s gun control laws and addressed mental health and school security.

During her first two terms, Ms. Lavielle has achieved some stature as ranking member of the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee.

Ms. Lavielle has earned another term as one of Wilton’s state representatives.