Democratic Viewpoint: Democrats offer leadership and progress

Leading a state government is difficult. Leading a state government in the midst of an economic recession and after multiple terms of caretaker governors is even more difficult. We have many pressing issues in the State of Connecticut, issues that have developed not only over multiple years, but multiple decades. Headline items include everything from job growth and taxes to public education to our transportation infrastructure.

We elected Gov. Malloy four years ago to tackle these issues. In those four years, he delivered. His policies helped to grow our economy at the fastest rate since the 1990s and push our unemployment rate to the lowest in five years. He got our financial house in order, balancing our budget and appropriately funding our state’s pension obligations. He increased funding for education and was a strong supporter of universal pre-K. He invested more dollars in transportation than his predecessor and as the former Mayor of Stamford, understands the critical importance of Metro-North and rail.

Notably, the governor was an exemplary leader during times of crisis. In the wake of Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, he was on the front lines making sure residents got the support they needed. And following the Sandy Hook tragedy, he had the character and resolve to pass some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

Leading requires compromise and tough decisions. Not everyone agreed with the governor’s decisions, including many in his own party, but he did what was right, not what was easy. In just four years, we have come a long way. But there is still work to be done.

In this election, we can only choose between the options we have, and this Tuesday we have the option of re-electing Gov. Malloy or voting instead for Republican Tom Foley. Before you head into the voting booth, I urge you to think about what Tom Foley stands for and if you believe he would be an effective leader for our state. I urge you to evaluate whether or not he has a plan to achieve solutions to issues, not just lament the costs of government. I urge you to consider if he would be a coalition builder and if you would trust him to lead our state in a time of crisis.

To me, and the several newspaper editorial boards across the state who have endorsed in the race, the choice is clear: Gov. Dan Malloy deserves another term. The governor’s record speaks for itself and Tom Foley has failed to provide plans or examples as to what his approach might be.

The Democratic candidates on Row B are a team you can trust. In addition to the governor, Congressman Jim Himes, state Senate candidate Phil Sharlach and state Rep. candidate Keith Rodgerson all offer a measured, pragmatic approach. They are interested in solutions and building coalitions across party lines to get there. We need effective representation now more than ever and Row B provides voters with that option. On Tuesday, please vote Democratic, vote Row B.

Thomas Dec, Chairman

Wilton Democratic Town Committee