Candidate Statement: Gail Lavielle

Connecticut has a proud history of opportunity and promise. But people across our district and our state now fear that neither they nor their children can have a future here.

Connecticut has recovered only half the jobs lost during the recession. It has one of the country’s heaviest overall tax burdens, one of the most unfriendly business climates, and ranks as the worst state for retirement. Even after the record 2011 tax increase, it’s facing a $2.8 billion deficit in the next biennium. All this creates an environment of financial and job insecurity that is driving people and businesses to other states.

It’s urgent to restore jobs, prosperity, and confidence to Connecticut. How? Stop the excessive spending and borrowing that have jeopardized our business climate, educational system, infrastructure, and quality of life. Reduce tax pressure to help consumers, attract new businesses, and expand the tax base. Reduce spending by consolidating agencies, providing services through nonprofits, and renegotiating state employee contracts. Pay off debt and reduce unfunded liabilities. Lower the state’s structural costs, so it can make crucial investments in infrastructure and education.

We can succeed if the legislature puts politics aside to acknowledge the situation’s seriousness and reverse long-standing policies that have eroded Connecticut’s financial health and competitiveness. It’s possible; we’ve passed bipartisan bills on education, energy, jobs, and consumer protection. In the same spirit, we must work together to restore our state’s financial health and make Connecticut once again a place where everyone can count on a future.