Candidate Statement: Deborah McFadden

Deborah McFadden, Democrat,
First Selectman

As we approach Election Day for first selectman, I continue to receive encouraging feedback that is growing day-by-day and week-to-week, from voters throughout Wilton and across all voting groups: from Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters; from young families to retired seniors; from those who have lived here for decades to those who have recently moved in.
I have come to you in small groups, attending meetings and knocking on hundreds of doors. As daylight turns to dark, I return home energized with an even greater belief in our shared values and desire to grow what makes Wilton special, while finding ways to better serve our people and make the tax burden more manageable. As first selectman, for a sense of what changes I would like to see occur and what specific initiatives I am ready to support, see my website at
We are within striking distance of achieving something that is almost unprecedented here in Wilton — an opportunity for new voices to be heard to determine the journey we as a community must take together. But that cannot and will not happen without your support on Election Day.
If you agree with me that we need fresh perspectives and a more engaged community, that we can accomplish more and do better together, that we can draw new residents and businesses to Wilton, and make it a town where senior citizens can afford to stay, then please come out and vote for me on Nov. 3 as your first selectman.