Wilton student essay: A veteran I am proud of

A very important veteran in my life was my Great Grandpa Max. Grandpa Max served in the Army as a mechanic during World War II. He fixed things like tanks, cars and guns. He maintained the equipent so other soldiers would be able to use them. Without max and other mechanics, soldiers wouldn’t always have equipment that worked properly. This is essential to winning any war and his work helped with this.

Grandpa Max fought in some major battles in Europe. H landed on Omaha Beach a few days after D-Day and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. During these experiences, he saw some very tragic things. Max would never speak of these things. He was a young man when this all happened and even after the war this all stuck with him and he wouldn’t even talk about it with his family. He did this so he wouldn’t have to relive these things and so that he could protect us from these terrible memories.

I believe that everyone is created equal and people have a right to believe in whatever religion they wnt. Grandpa Max did a great service for our country and I feel so proud to know that he helped this country fight for these freedoms. He did this for his family, his friends and his country so they could have a better world to live in. His service is important because if he and his friends didn’t fight in the war, we would not have some of the freedoms we have today. He wanted us to have a better place to hve fun, to learn and he wanted us to have a better future.

His service is also important because during the war his engineering also probably saved multiple lives. These people probably also ended up having families of their own after the war and helped their communities. I am proud to know that my Grandpa Max served in the war that changed America and the world for the better. They can live normally without getting in trouble about their religion or beliefs. Even though World War II caused a lot of anguish and pain, it saved the lives of many. Many brave people fought in the war. I am proud to know that my Great Grandfather Max was one of those who served in the war and helped save many lies and helped protect America and others around the world.

After the war Grandpa Max was very productive in his community. He volunteered at the local food shelf, donated blood to the Red Cross, he was an active member of his church and he worked as a cart pusher at the grocery store until weeks before his death. He was proud of his work and never boasted about it. He did this because he thought everybody plays a part in life just like a well-oiled machine. Every person, big or small, plays a part and he was just doing his part. He started a family and was a great father and grandfather teaching his children and grandchildren these ideas. I loved to spend time with him. I am very grateful for this opportunity before he passed away. This is why I am proud of my Great Grandfather Max.

Paul Sullivan is a sixth grader at Middlebrook School. With this essay he won the American Legion Post 86 Veterans Day essay contest.