Wilton political endorsement letters

Wilton residents voice their political preferences.

Wilton residents voice their political preferences.

Bryan Haeffele / Hearst Connecticut Media


Wilton has many Biden-Harris lawn signs, but few Trump signs. Have residents who voted for Trump in 2016 had enough, or are they too embarrassed to admit they’re voting for him again — despite his disastrous mismanagement of the pandemic, refusal to address climate change, efforts to repeal Obamacare without proposing a better alternative, failure to invest in infrastructure, his lies and rhetoric designed to divide this country. A president should inspire us. Instead, Trump’s a con man stirring up hatred and division. While his supporters may fly under the radar, I'm proud to fly an American flag next to my Biden-Harris lawn sign.

Carey Field

I endorse Joe Biden for President. I approve of his healthcare plan.

Health care is the most important issue facing our nation. Millions of people are at risk of losing health coverage or crucial consumer protections if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Every person is at risk due to the failure of the public health system to respond nationally to the pandemic.

Joe Biden has published detailed plans to offer everyone access to affordable health care, reduce runaway drug prices, and to undertake a strong federal response to beat COVID-19.

Visit joebiden.com to learn more. Vote!

Renee Santhouse

State Senate

During his first term, Senator Will Haskell has become a thoughtful leader and coalition builder in Hartford on the most important issues facing our state. He deserves another term.

Haskell is Senate chair of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, vice chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee and serves on the Environment, Judiciary and Transportation committees. He has developed a leadership voice on crucial matters including gun safety, fiscal responsibility and Wilton’s control of its schools.

Haskell is a leader we all can be proud of. Join me in voting for Will Haskell on Nov. 3.

Valerie Rosenson

Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas have made it clear that they favor local control over our schools to maintain the highest standards of education. Will Haskell was the first legislator in Hartford to oppose regionalization. The bills never made it to fruition. Stephanie Thomas has been against school regionalization and has been active in “Hands Off Our Schools” since its inception. It is unfortunate that certain members of the Republican party are using regionalization to cloud the real and important issues that face us in this election. Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas will work to make CT better.

Alison Mark

I continue to support Will Haskell for state senator. I appreciate the enthusiasm shown in his weekly conference calls, his town meetings and his knock-on-door visits.

Will has worked for us on gun control, holding Eversource accountable, making community college more affordable, creating a tax credit for Connecticut workers to pay off their student debt and on many other important issues with intelligent perception and analysis.

Will listens. He values bipartisanship. After extensive research, he stood with Republicans against forced school regionalization.

I look forward to him working for and with us for the next two years and beyond!

Margie Beebe

State Representative

Our local community is at stake in this election cycle. The controlling party has initiated persistent efforts to intrude on our schools and now on local zoning.

Patrizia Zucaro understands the importance of local governance. She is focused on our interests, instead of national platforms. As an accomplished attorney with a strong property rights background, Patrizia has a deep understanding of legislative proposals and the implications on our lives. She is ready to lead us against Hartford’s attempts to interfere in local zoning.

Join me to support for Zucaro for state representative of the 143rd district this November.

Jennie Wong

I endorse Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas. They support legislation on key issues important to Wilton. Both advocate for town control over our school system and zoning as well as sensible solutions for affordable housing. Will helped pass a vital loan program that helped small businesses survive the pandemic. He has earned the respect of senior state leadership. Stephanie Thomas combines business acumen as a small-business owner with compassion for all our citizens. I respectfully ask you to vote for Will and Stephanie.

Ken Hoffman

As a long-time admirer of Gail Lavielle, I will be voting for Patrizia Zucaro because I believe she will carry on Gail's tradition of smart, fact-based decision-making that truly represents the best interests of our community. From fiscal restraint to environmental protection to local control of zoning and education, we need a representative in Hartford who will look out for our interests rather than fall in line with a political party. Patrizia is an experienced attorney who shares this belief that local residents, and not Hartford, should have the ultimate say about issues that most directly affect them.

Bev Sutherland

Mental illness lies behind many social ills facing our society. It fuels rage ending in gun and domestic violence, it triggers addictive use of opioids, alcohol or drugs and it can lead to suicidal depression.

Stephanie Thomas promotes mental health policies that eliminate coverage gaps and stigma for mental health as we experience effects of social distancing and fear during the pandemic.

Will Haskell co-sponsored SB 750 that addresses mental health on college campuses. Although most mental illnesses appear before age 24, only one student in five with mental illness seeks help. Vote Haskell and Thomas for good mental health!

Maury Krasnow

As Election Day approaches, desperate attacks on social media and untrue claims on lawn signs are spreading misinformation.

I know Stephanie Thomas supports local control of schools and zoning. It’s in her record. Stephanie is a strategic business consultant whose negotiating skills will convince Hartford’s caucuses to pass legislation we want and need. Her policies will reinvigorate CT’s COVID economy. Her opponent’s operating “efficiencies” won’t attract businesses, create jobs, or revive consumer spending. Learn what works for CT by calling Stephanie at 203-939-9507 and vote Row A on Nov. 3!

Florence Johnson