Wilton political endorsement letters

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week's Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week’s Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

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State Representative

If you care about character and decency in your elected officials, then cast your vote for Stephanie Thomas for state representative on Nov. 3. As a nonprofit professional for 25 years, Stephanie understands how important it is to build consensus in order to effect change in both our community and our state. Our concerns are hers — affordable health care, our right to vote and have our vote counted, sensible gun safety, a revamped state infrastructure. Because Stephanie genuinely cares about her constituency, she’ll get it done. A nonprofit professional, Stephanie understands how important it is to build consensus in order to create change in our community and our state.

Laura Bard

We need a state representative who will fight to protect Wilton from state control. As a lifelong Westport resident, Patrizia Zucaro understands that independence is much of what makes small towns unique. I’m especially concerned about proposed state legislation that would dramatically change local zoning laws and deny Wilton the ability to preserve its beautiful natural landscape and historic character. Patrizia believes our towns are capable, themselves, of planning for the affordable housing they need; and she’ll work hard to keep the state out of local zoning laws. Patrizia Zucaro will be a strong advocate for Wilton in Hartford.

Lisa Pojano

Wilton needs Stephanie Thomas to represent us in Hartford. At this uncertain time, Stephanie’s natural optimism, unflagging hard work, and consensus building skills will help our town achieve results for issues that matter. She is focused on repairing the economy, reforming healthcare, and improving voter access. Small businesses need Stephanie. She owns a small business herself in the nonprofit management segment which is why she supports (1) federal loans and stimulus money for local businesses, (2) working with Advance CT to retain and recruit businesses, and (3) partnering with the Shared Work Program. Vote Stephanie Thomas for state house in November.

Carol Ball

State Senator

Senator Will Haskell has been a champion for Wilton’s public schools and for their independence. He was the very first legislator to object publicly to forced regionalization proposals last year, and he fought tirelessly to ensure that Wilton will control Wilton schools. More recently, he pushed back aggressively and publicly against Hartford’s strategy for schools to plan for either an all-in-person or all-virtual school year. He listened to Wilton’s superintendent and parents, and his direct advocacy changed Hartford policy to allow for a hybrid teaching model. We need Will Haskell to continue representing us in Hartford.

Craig Muraskin

I support Kim Healy for State Senator. As senator, Kim will focus on making the tough decisions needed to balance the budget and return accountability to the statehouse. She will make Connecticut more competitive by rolling back regulations that hurt lower-income people.

Kim is a Wilton resident, homeowner and mother who cares deeply about our community and will work hard for constituents. Senator Haskell has been asked repeatedly about his view on taking away local zoning rights but refuses to answer as is his way. Haskell does not care about Wilton but Kim does.

Joe Burke

In the past two years, Will Haskell has worked to protect our schools, pass tougher gun laws, voted to pass strong paid family and medical leave laws, and stood up to insurance companies by requiring short-term health insurance to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions among just a few of his many accomplishments as our state senator. He has done this all as a good listener, in good humor, with relentless energy and quickly answering our questions and requests.

I strongly endorse Will for another term as our senator for the 26th Connecticut District.

John Kalamarides

We’re writing to support Will Haskell’s re-election as our state senator. In his first term, Will’s taken strong positions on a whole host of issues important to Wilton. He aggressively opposed the forced regionalization of school systems, and worked to close the opportunity gap between schools in Connecticut and recruit minority educators in our public schools. Will supports reasonable, locally developed efforts to create housing options for young people and retired seniors wishing to stay in the communities they’ve lived in. As he says “...affordable housing is workforce housing...” too.

Visit willhaskell.com to see all the things Will has accomplished for us already!

Kevin and Moira Craw

Will Haskell has done a great job as our state senator. Stephanie Thomas will do a great job as our state representative. Will has proven how Democrats can make positive changes in Hartford, including increasing investment in transportation and our rainy day fund. Stephanie has the drive and the business experience to be just as effective in representing us in Hartford. Republicans tell us all the time what is wrong with Connecticut. Will and Stephanie will be working all the time to make things better in Connecticut. To learn more about them, please go to: www.willhaskell.com and www.votestephaniethomas.com.

Michael Kaelin

I hear a frequently from my neighbors: that they want our local politicians to be socially inclusive while being fiscally responsible. Fortunately that describes our Sen. Will Haskell and our future state Rep. Stephanie Thomas. Haskell fought to keep our state’s rainy day fund flush, fighting against politicians attempting to raid that fund for highways and other projects. Thomas founded and operates a small business and knows personally how to guard against waste. I ask you to join me in supporting Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas on November 3. We need their voices in Hartford.

Pilar King

Our schools and our rural character are under attack from professional political activists in the New Haven and Hartford. With Gail Lavielle retiring, we’ll have no one to stop the majority party from regionalizing our schools and imposing their housing diversity schemes on Wilton. That’s why I’m supporting Kim Healy in the state senate and Patrizia Zucaro for state representative. They are our neighbors, not slick politicians. They have generously volunteered to help defend our towns against the political machine in the state government. I trust them and I will vote for them both. I hope you will too.

Philip Murphy

In the upcoming state senate race, Kim Healy is hands down the superior choice. In the way of personal attributes, her honesty, intelligence, and superb experience as a CPA are a huge differentiator. Regarding the issues, she will support what is best for Wilton and surrounding towns and will not be bossed around by party superiors. She will fight to maintain local control of schools and zoning, and will push for fiscal policies in Hartford that will turnaround Connecticut’s sad decline under single-party governance. Please join me in voting for a better future by voting for Kim Healy.

Don Drummond