Wilton letters of endorsement - Vanderslice, McFadden, Kaelin, Tartell

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week's Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week’s Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

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First Selectman

I am a Democrat voting for Lynne Vanderslice — an outstanding first selectwoman. Wilton needs her continued leadership.

Lynne is active on issues that matter to Democrats. Half her adult life has been spent fighting racism and inequity through ABC, her program for low- and moderate-income minority and immigrant children, and mentoring low-income students. As first selectwoman, Lynne spoke out on racism and anti-Semitism.

As a champion on environmental issues, the town abandoned crumb rubber and is on track for 70-percent renewable energy sources by 2021.

Vote for the best. Reelect Lynne Vanderslice

Patricia Brandt

Deb McFadden’s proven municipal experience, her collaborative working style, and her passion for Wilton and the needs of Wiltonians make her the choice for first selectwoman.

Her 22 years in Wilton, her role as selectwoman, community leader, dedicated church member, devoted working wife, and mother to children who attended Wilton schools expand her qualifications.

Deb knows how to get issues solved and projects done. Her solid working relationships with local, state, and national elected officials will avoid the confrontations we saw last year.

She will tackle big issues and broaden our tax base.

Vote for Deb!

John Kalamarides

We have known and worked with Deb McFadden for 20-plus years. Thus, we can say with total confidence that she would make an outstanding first selectman.

We can count on her for robust representation of Wilton’s interests in Hartford and with our DC representatives.

We’re voting for her. You should, too.

Sallie and Bo Mitchell

Deb McFadden has devoted tens of thousands of hours to Wilton in her 20-plus years here, in volunteer, appointed and elected posts. She loves Wilton. She knows Wilton. She’s served on numerous town boards, including two stints on the Board of Selectmen, and knows the issues and budgetary challenges of each. She has the vision to help businesses and potential residents see in Wilton the wonderful place it is, which is the only way we can assure our economic future. She is a collaborator, and we need that now more than ever. Please support her for first selectwoman.

Bob Carney

Board of Finance

Wilton is particularly blessed this election year to have strong slates of candidates from both parties, more so than in recent election cycles. We are especially fortunate that Mike Kaelin is running for a seat on the Board of Finance on the Democratic ticket. In more than 20 years of civic engagement in Wilton, most recently as a member of the Board of Selectmen, and as second selectman, Mike has brought energy, insight and a dedication to representing the town and the broader community, and in the process has acquired a detailed understanding of the fiscal issues we face.

James H. “Hal” Higby

As a lifetime resident of Wilton who has served on multiple commissions and boards in town, I have had the pleasure to work with many volunteers.

Mike Kaelin is one of the most thoughtful, hardworking town officials and community leaders that I have had the pleasure to be involved with.

He truly loves our town and works tirelessly with everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to make Wilton be the best town it can be. His dedication, knowledge, and forward thinking makes him a much needed voice on the Board of Finance. Please vote for Mike Kaelin.

Mark Ketley

It is my privilege to endorse Michael Kaelin for Wilton’s Board of Finance enthusiastically and unreservedly. I’ve known Mike for decades and worked closely with him for eight years on Wilton Library Association’s Board. Mike is a fair, unbiased, and tireless public servant with a stellar reputation and service record who devotes substantial time and effort towards Wilton’s betterment. He is a champion of consensus building, teamwork, openness and inclusion who will ensure a brighter future for all Wilton constituents. Wilton is fortunate to have a citizen of Mike’s caliber continue to step up and work hard on our behalf.

AP Duffy

After 20-plus years, and four kids raised here, Michael Kaelin is a Wiltonian through and through! His tireless involvement as a community leader, through the Library Board, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Selectman —shows that he is a man of integrity, with the passion to make our community the best it can be. His community service paired with his educational background, and his experience as an attorney, will make Michael an invaluable Board of Finance asset when it comes to fiscal issues and the budget process. I believe that Michael will represent the best interest of all Wilton residents and taxpayers. Please vote for him!

Patty Connor

Board of Selectmen

We’re in a tough spot in Connecticut, and that goes for Wilton, too. But it seems to me our problems aren’t something you can just “budget” your way out of. It’s going to take vision, it’s going to take collaboration, and a lot of study and work. That’s why I support Ross Tartell for selectman. He’s not doom and gloom. As a consultant, he’s used to helping organizations look at things in new ways. He’s smart and gets people to work together. He can play that same role on the BOS.

Brian Sudano