Wilton letter: Which side are you on? Please vote

To the Editors:

The first letter I wrote to an editor was when I was a young teenager. It was in support of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy during his first 100 days in office and published in the New York Daily News. This will be my second.

Why approximately six decades in between? As a rule, all of the elections during that period were among candidates that, while offering differing views on the issues, were for the most part competent and honorable.

I definitely lean in one direction, but during that time I voted for candidates on both sides of the fence. And while living in Connecticut, I spent many years registered as unaffiliated, since in my view too often partisan politics get in the way of the best outcome for everyone.

So why a letter now? This election is different. Who we elect will say a lot about us as a nation, community, and as individuals. Vote for the person who best represents your values and the principles of our democracy.

Jack McFadden