To the Editors:

He starts out as a young boy learning the game and having fun. He lives for his teammates. Each year he finds a new passion in the game but the connection to his teammates and the memories are why he plays.

He grows into a young man under the lights of Friday night but the reason of why he plays doesn’t change. Every play, every call, signal, audible, and every catch, run or tackle is not due to the individual effort, rather it is due to the collective role each of his teammates plays — both on the field and off.

The fact he holds his head high with integrity, character, and sincerity in victory and defeat is why we smile with pride, laugh with amazement, and cry with joy. It’s why we and he will never forget our time with him through the years playing a game. A game that becomes a foundation of life for him and those he himself teaches one day.

The reason he plays doesn’t change. And the reason why we all are so proud of what we watch unfold over the years hasn’t changed. He plays and we watch because of his teammates and the memories created together. The transition of boys becoming men through the experiences of a game is only the beginning.

Thank you for being you and never changing why you play the game. And thank you for every game-ending hug you’ve ever given us. To all the seniors and future seniors who ever play a sport for the love of it — we thank you more than you’ll ever know.

Wilton senior football parents