Wilton letter: Thank you, Wilton grocers

To the Editors:

We want to thank those of you who are working so diligently for the Village Market, Stop & Shop and Carluzzi’s markets. Management, cashiers, product aisle stockers, deli, produce, in-store florists and all, are literally, working overtime, so that we have the food and necessities to provide for our families and for others.

We observe exhausted but cheerful and helpful employees, who work in an industry vital to our existence. They are often confronted by some who are upset, and at times, take out their frustration at the person behind the counter.

Hats off also, to the, “food chain” of field workers, distributors, truckers and all who make our country, state and Wilton tick. You were often overlooked, but now you shine in the spotlight, as we greatly appreciate how essential you are to your customers. May you stay safe and healthy as we return to better times.

Sari Weatherwax

Toni Boucher