To the Editors:

With the tragedies Wilton students have faced over the past weeks, on top of navigating fears of attending school during a pandemic, do our students really need one more thing to worry about?

Kim Healy’s campaign chose to place multiple “Protect Wilton Schools” signs on public property along the busy School Road bus route, in front of Cider Mill and Middlebrook schools’ entrance. Of course, these signs will be seen by many children en route to school. Many won’t see or understand “stop school regionalization” but can read the big red letters “Protect Wilton Schools.” Protect my school from what? Is my school not currently safe? Are those in charge not protecting us now? Placing signs here demonstrates poor judgment and stands in blatant disregard of our kids’ mental health.

As adults, we know school regionalization is a dog whistle non-issue (on which Wilton’s Democratic and Republican candidates don’t actually disagree); we see through the empty alarmism. Kids on the other hand, take words at face value. I ask those who hope to serve our community in state government to proactively condemn and discourage fear-stoking tactics at every level (we have seen too many concerning examples just this week from the Republican party) and instead focus on addressing the very real issues we and our students face during this trying time.

Paula Casiraghi