To the Editors:

During this pandemic, my husband and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces in Wilton. Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a walk on the NRVT, starting on Route 7 and walking all the way to Skunk Road. It was a beatiful walk, but marred by failure of most of the people on the trail to wear masks.

As it became quickly apparent that most people were not wearing their masks, we decided to keep count. We counted whether every adult who came within six feet of us was wearing a mask. Of the 80 people we encountered on the path from Route 7 to Skunk Road, only 36 were wearing masks. The other 44 either had no masks at all or chose to wear them on their wrists.

Last week, we walked through Bradley Park and again, noticed that many people failed to wear masks. The governor’s executive order states that “any person in a public place in Connecticut, whether indoors or outdoors, who does not maintain a safe social distance of approximately six feet from every other person shall cover their mouth and nose with a mask or cloth face-covering.”

Wearing masks has been shown to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and it is imperative that this order be followed in order to keep us all safe.

Valerie Rosenson